Westfield Court

Your Guide to Accommodation

Moving in checklist

✓ Book your move-in time slot

✓ Arrive on time and park in a designated spot near your accommodation if you’re coming by car

✓ Have a paper or digital copy of your accommodation contract with you

✓ Pick up your key from the key issue desk at your accommodation and unload your belongings. If your family or friends are staying a while, move your car to a designated car park

✓ Unpack and get settled in, with the help of family and friends

✓ Leave your room at the end of your time slot, and meet up with friends or family on campus for a drink and something to eat

✓ Remember to pop to the Spar on campus to stock up on shopping

What I need to bring

  • ✓ Important paperwork

    Passport, driving licence, letters from uni and the Student Loans Company, bank details and NHS card. 

  • ✓ Bedding and towels

    Duvet and cover, pillows and pillowcases, and mattress protector. Don’t forget to double check what size your bed will be first.

  • ✓ Clothes

    Be selective, remember you’ll still be here in the winter, and don’t forget the hangers.

  • ✓ Kitchen essentials

    Plates, glasses, mugs and cutlery. And if you’re in self-catering accommodation, remember pots, pans and utensils. 

  • ✓ Study and social essentials

    Laptop, monitor, phone, tablet, headphones, chargers, extension cables, books, notepads and stationery. 

  • ✓ Medicines

    Prescribed medication, paracetamol and cold remedies.

  • ✓ Toiletries

    You can buy most of these when you arrive, so ditch the heavy bottles and only pack the essentials.

  • Oh, and remember to…

    Buy a TV licence

    If you watch live broadcasts from a TV in your room or use the BBC iPlayer, you need a TV Licence. You can find out more and order yours from the TV Licensing website.

    Check your insurance

    All official University accommodation comes with basic personal possessions insurance. Take a look at what’s covered. Does this cover everything you need? Or do you need extra cover?

    Apply for a student bank account

    You probably already have a bank account, but you may get extra services with a student account. Research the best deal for you.


  • Can I move in later than Sunday 17 September?

    Yes – simply log an accommodation query in your MyHull portal and we’ll arrange another move-in date for you. 

  • Can I move to a different household if I don’t like mine?

    Yes, you can join another household if you feel it’s not working out for you by joining our waiting list. Simply log an accommodation query in your MyHull portal and we’ll talk through the next steps.

  • Do you clean the accommodation every day?

    Yes, our cleaners are here Monday to Friday, and they clean all communal areas of our accommodation.