Group of students working at Hull University Business School

Undergraduate courses: how you'll learn

Whichever programme you decide to study at Hull you will become a valued and active member of a vibrant learning community of enthusiastic and engaged peers and academics who are leaders in their fields.

Together you will explore your chosen discipline through a wide variety of teaching and learning opportunities. You will have the opportunity to explore globally significant questions around social justice, sustainability, climate change and the societal consequences of the technological revolution within the context of your course.

Our focus upon competence-based education will support you to develop the knowledge, skills and self-awareness to succeed as a graduate of the university. At Hull we pride ourselves on our inclusive approach to learning that is anchored to the campus and digitally enhanced. 

 If you are enrolled on a full-time programme of study, you will be expected to complete about 40 hours of academic work each week. This does not mean that you will be sitting in lectures for all of that time! A university education is far more exciting than that and as a general rule a typical week will involve a mixture of learning through scheduled activities and self-managed independent study guided and supported by your tutors.

 Scheduled learning activities may include traditional lectures, but they will also include a range of on-campus and online activities such as individual discussions with tutors, group-based discussions with peers, seminars and workshops, educational visits and fieldwork, placements and learning carried out in specialist facilities such as science laboratories, IT-laboratories, workshops, performance spaces, studios and learning spaces designed to give you an experience of learning in a professional setting.