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Travel offers

Travelling more than 20 miles?
We'll chip in towards your travel costs

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to see for yourself if our campus is as perfect for you as we think it might be. So if you're travelling from more than 20 miles away, we'll pay a hefty chunk of your travel costs so you get to enjoy your journey that little bit more. 

The travel fund amount depends on the distance travelled to the University and is calculated by the University of Hull. The amount awarded will be based on the shortest route from the registered home postcode on the booking form to the University's Cottingham Road campus (postcode HU6 7RX).

Here's how much you can get:

Distance from the University  Amount
 20-69 miles  £38
 70-149 miles  £63
150 miles or more £125

We will email you after the event with details of how to claim your travel grant. Money will be paid via secure electronic payment. You may be asked to supply proof of address. No money will be handed out on the day.