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Six reasons to make Music at Hull

We’re helping to develop and nurture the future of music here at Hull – here’s why we think you should be a part of it.

1. Facilities to elevate your sound

We’ve invested £9.5 million into Middleton Hall, with - deep breath - practice rooms, recording equipment, a 400-seater performance venue with surround sound technology and an ambisonic studio for our budding sound artists. If your own brand of magic happens in the edit suite, you'll be able to develop your skills using software and equipment that rival many commercial organisations. Yep, really.

Middleton Hall
Students performing at Sesh

2. It's all about you

What’s the flavour of your passion? Jazz. Rock. Country. Opera. Classical. Hip hop. Performing. Recording. Mixing. Creating.

At Hull we know that musicians don’t all play the same tune, have the same skills or want to develop along the same path. That’s why we offer such a range of courses - to let you become the musician you want to be. From the all-round to the technical twist of , a whole course focusing on industry-ready skills to boost your portfolio. Your music, your degree, your way. The only string attached is that you develop your own sound and your own style. Deal?

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3. Graduates with a real track record

BAFTA. Tony. Olivier. Grammy. Name an industry accolade and we’ve probably got a music alumni with their name on one.

Examples of our high flyers include musical director Martin Lowe, who's worked on the film Mamma Mia and the West End smash hit Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Composer Ben Fowler has scored a film and is the go-to guy for creating the soundtracks to the high-octane Red Bull videos. Sound artist Ross Flight works across the world, but came back to Hull in 2017 to build musical suspense in the dystopian production One Day Maybe.

Some of our students have set up record labels before they even graduate, and others carve out their own careers in the music industry. What will your name be on in years to come?

Ben Fowler
Tayo Adeleye & Katrina Rae

4. Inspiring spaces

Our courses are so flexible even the performance spaces change shape. True fact. The first building you see when you step on campus is Middleton Hall. And this versatile venue is there for you.

We know you sound best when the acoustics are just right. So when we refurbished our blue ribbon venue, we made sure it had just enough magic to bring your sounds to life. Whether you’re there for a lecture, a cinema screening or to hear or perform live music, we’ll set the stage up so you get the front-row experience - wherever you’re sat.

5. Sound networks

You’ve got your creative direction, you’ve nailed your technique. Now what? Now you get out there and find your fans, that's what. And we can help you with that, too.

We’ve landed some great projects with local organisations over the years, like the Bowhead installation in Hull’s Maritime Museum.

And twice a year, on Radio Humberside broadcasts from our Middleton Hall studios. Live. Yes, live. On the actual radio. Three or four bands or artists are chosen to share their music with a whole new audience in an experience that money can’t buy. These dates are unmissable for our music students - whether they’re performing, helping behind the scenes or being front-row supporters. That’s the kind of community our students create. And they’ll welcome you in, too.

Queen Victoria Square

6. Staff who have been there … and are doing that

From drumming for an international pop band to playing a world-premiere trumpet solo on an Icelandic beach, our staff don’t just teach - they do. Many of our team have ongoing musical projects and are regularly recording, releasing and composing. They bring this passion and hands-on experience into the lecture theatre.
We also have expertise in music psychology and music education, and our research spans a broad musical spectrum. For example, take a look and a listen to the Flight of the Monarchs, produced by Dr Rob Mackay – it’s beautiful.

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