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The generosity of Thomas Ferens and G F Grant enabled the foundation of The University of Hull 90 years ago, allowing 39 students to become the first to show what the University could help them achieve. Today we continue to encourage our alumni and friends to support our students so they can become the best they can be and further extend the legacy of those first 39.

By supporting the University of Hull you are joining a community of more than 5,000 donors, including alumni, staff, and friends of the University that over the years has helped countless students achieve success. Every penny that you donate goes directly towards our students, enhancing their experience and supporting their needs.

Our key current fundraising projects are:

Student Wellbeing & Mental Health Support

Mental Health issues have more than trebled in recent years.  Depression, financial worries and illness could all prevent a student from graduating. The University is committed to supporting every student in need of mental health support but right now our services are oversubscribed.

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) - Breaking Barriers

Only 24% of STEM graduates are Women and only 23% of core STEM workers are women.  Organisations that embrace equality, diversity, and inclusion deliver better results, more motivated staff, increased recognition and greater innovation and that is why we need to increase gender equality in the STEM area.

It is vital that we encourage and support women to study STEM subjects to ensure that we are contributing to a healthier and more diverse dialogue in workplaces and communities across the country.

Support Research Prizes, Scholarships, Internships and Outreach work.  Help us to recruit and develop the top female academic talent in science so that we can produce the next generation of researchers, teachers, role-models and leaders in the scientific community.  Find out more.

The University is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all.

Student Hardship Fund

The Student Hardship Fund does exactly what it says, supports our students, through hardship and bursaries, ensuring that our students are in the best possible position to be the best that they can be and get the best possible experiences from their University experience. We want to support our students to participate in extra-curricular activities, ensuring that after graduation not only do they hold an excellent degree but they also have the relevant experiences they need gain employment in their chosen field to become the best graduates!

Academic and Research Enhancement Fund

The Academic and Research Enhancement Fund offers undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to the brightest and best students, ensuring that a University of Hull education is open to all irrespective of income.

How to give

Thank you for helping the University of Hull continue to support students!

Adding your contribution is simple, quick and secure.

Use Gift Aid and you can make your donation worth even more. For every pound you give, the University will receive an additional 25p through tax relief from the Inland Revenue.

To make a gift tax effective, you must have paid an amount of UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax equal to or exceeding the amount of tax to be reclaimed in each tax year (6 April one year to 5 April the next).



We accept gifts by standing order, cheque, Delta, Switch, Visa, and Mastercard, using one of the following payment methods:

Online - donate a single gift or make a regular donation by direct debit

By Post - download a pdf of our donation form

Telephone - please call Nicky Wright, Annual Fund Officer, on +44 (0)1482 465257 to make your gift

GAYE - If your employer operates a Payroll Giving Scheme you can make tax efficient gifts to the University through your salary. A £10 a month donation could cost you as little as £5 a month depending on which tax bracket you are in.