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When you join us, you get access to the latest industry-standard facilities.

We’ve invested £9.5 million in creating a world-class concert hall, cinema and theatre space. That’s in addition to our existing state-of-the-art music, film and digital media facilities on campus. Oh, and did we mention our library has over a million books?

It’s all here. And it’s all for you.

Middleton Hall

Following a £9.5 million investment, Middleton Hall has been transformed into a world-class cultural venue and offers our students some of the finest facilities around. The centrepiece is a 400-seater concert hall. This versatile venue is the perfect setting for classical music, and with adaptable acoustics, it's also regularly used as a surround-sound cinema and theatre space.

New Media Centre

Industry-standard facilities and equipment supports students across film, media, game and graphic design, as you work on a range of creative production pieces throughout your degree. You'll have access to the Adobe software collection for creation of 2D graphic designs and multimedia pieces. You could learn professional skills in 3D and apply these using software such as Autodesk Maya, a professional package used in the creation of films and games. In addition to the studio spaces, you'll also benefit from a wide range of other facilities. Our blue screen environment enables you to spend time creating fantastical scenes for your professional production work.

students in the Digital Design PC Lab
Digital Design PC Lab
You'll reap the benefits of our professional quality facilities including a world-class £9.5 million digital cinema and concert venue, and access to our dedicated on-campus TV, film and digital media facilities.
Digital Design student in VR studio wearing headset
Digital Design Studio
Student Connor Walker with VR Technology
Student with VR Technology
Digital media lab computer suite student
Media Centre Computer Lab
Digital media lab computer suite room view
Media Centre Mac Lab
Music Duality Studio

Recording Studios

As well as our flagship Duality Recording Studio in Middleton Hall, our students benefit from a number of other excellent studio facilities on campus.

Salmon Grove boasts a recording studio fully equipped with a control room and variable-acoustic recording space.

Tom Wardman in Music Studio Landscape

Students also have access to the Ambisonic Studio, a 3D surround-sound studio with 4-8-4 array, additional Barefoot stereo monitoring and fully adjustable lift and desk for ideal monitoring position. The composition studio - a creative space to develop composition ideas, experiment with synthesis and interactive devices, score for film and TV, alongside other projects.

minghella studio

The Anthony Minghella Studio

The Anthony Minghella Studio is an experimental-teaching and theatre-production space. Complete with a sound and light control room, most of the school's internal productions take place in the Studio, organised by the student and staff run Events Committee. On practical projects, the Production Manager, Designer and Construction Manager work together to orchestrate all of the administrative elements that lead to the design and construction of a theatre set.

Drama Production Philomela gulbenkian theatre
The Gulbenkian Centre
Donald Roy Theatre
The Old Boilerhouse
Middleton Hall
Middleton Hall
Middleton Hall recording studio
Duality Recording Studio
Digital Design student in VR studio wearing headset
Digital Design Studio

Performance Spaces

Alongside brand new performance spaces in Middleton Hall, students regularly perform in the University Chapel, and in Asylum - our £3.6 million club right here on campus. External performance venues include Hull City Hall - a Grade II listed building, with capacity for 1,200 people in the city centre. Fruit - an exciting independent venue at the heart of Hull's buzzing Fruit Market development - and a range of smaller city venues. Plus, Beverley Minster, one of the largest parish churches in the UK.

Performance Spaces
Connor J Phelan - BA Creative Music Technology

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