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Psychology research

Psychology Facilities

You’ll benefit from our blend of theory and practical teaching, and get hands-on with our specialist facilities to enhance your learning.

Psychology facilities

Tracking the brain

You’ll learn how to measure brain activity using an electroencephalography (EEG) machine as well as functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), a non-invasive method of measuring in vivo (in situ) brain activity. We are also working with nearby Hull Royal Infirmary to use MRI scanning.

Eye-tracking lab

All eyes and ears

Our eye-tracking laboratory allows you to study areas of cognitive psychology such as attention and visual perception. Plus, you’ll have access to an audiometric lab for studying human responses to sounds, including noise, speech and music.

Monika Paluch Early Childhood Studies - 0045

Infant development

Our ‘baby lab’ is fitted with specialist equipment to help you understand the fascinating world of infant development.


Real life impact

In the lab at our Centre for Health and Clinical Neuroscience we can assess outpatients, such as those suffering from cognitive impairment or the onset of dementia, as well as patients with eating disorders or addiction.

The Centre includes an observation suite where students can watch interviews, via camera or a two-way mirror, as well as nutrition and biometric assessment equipment. We also have equipment to monitor blood pressure, heart rate and other indicators of stress.

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Learning journey

You’ll have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in using this equipment under expert guidance as a research assistant, then for your final-year dissertation project you’ll gain scientific insights into how these methods further our understanding of the human mind.

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Communal Areas

As well as specialist labs and equipment, you will have access to some communal areas, where you can meet fellow students or just relax. Our department now boasts a modern, spacious collaborative area, handily located near to the main Psychology lecture theatres and academics. Decked out with comfortable sofas, it’s a place where you can work on your assignments with your fellow students or catch up after lectures.

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