Dive Training

Train as a PADI-qualified diver as part of your degree.

Our dive training course will take you from novice level to Open Water and then Advanced Open Water Diver. 

You’ll learn about safe diving practice, equipment, good techniques, diving and the law and scientific diving. You’ll attend pool sessions with professional instructors. Once you have perfected your skills in the swimming pool, we take you to a variety of locations to put your training into practice in the open water.

Students wishing to train as scientific divers can continue their training outside their studies to rescue diver level with local dive organisations and the University Union Sub Aqua Club.

Michael Roach
Michael Roach
Marine Biology Graduate

Now working as a Fisheries Scientist, Holderness Fishing Industry Group, East Yorkshire.

I learned to dive during my first year and my diving career progressed through my undergraduate and post graduate studies at Hull University. I achieved PADI Divemaster and the European Scientific Diver qualifications shortly after completing my degree. Learning to dive has allowed me to get involved in scientific diving research projects across the world from the UK, Ireland, Cuba, Madeira and Malaysia to running a recent research project on lobster populations on the remote Atlantic island of Saint Helena. The skills I have gained from basic diving to the scientific diving field trip opened doors to a challenging and satisfying career as a marine and fisheries scientist.

If you take part in the third-year field trip to Egypt (previously Malaysia), you’ll get the chance to dive on pristine coral reefs in crystal clear waters and learn how to work together to collect data using transects, quadrats, observation and cameras. Back on shore you’ll learn how to develop a good scientific dive plan and how to collate and present data.

After graduation, you could use your diving qualifications professionally as a scientist, or take further qualifications to become a divemaster or dive instructor, or you may just choose to enjoy diving as an interest.

An extra fee is payable to cover the cost of items such as training, transport, equipment, manuals and diving licence.

Watch: Our 2019 field trip to Malaysia

Want to Dive Deeper?

All of our Biological Science courses give you the option to learn how to scuba dive.