How To Make Friends At University

Rose Thorley, Business Management

Rose Thorley

BSc Business Management

When you first get to University making friends can seem overwhelming, and it is not always obvious on how to start making friends. But don’t worry, most people are in the same boat as you.

Here is some advice on how to start conversations so you can start making friends.

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How to start conversations with people

  • Start by introducing yourself
  • Give them time in the conversation to introduce themselves
  • Look for common talking points - classes, hull, moving to uni, weather
  • Ask them questions to keep the conversation flowing
  • Towards the end of the conversation, ask for their social medias so you can follow up the conversation

Your friends should like you for how you are, so you shouldn’t worry about fitting into the crowd, and instead focus on having fun. When you are yourself, you are more likely to meet others who are also like you.

Student Top Tip - Attend events you like to meet like-minded people

Everyone approaches making friends differently, but remember, the friendships you are forming should feel natural for both parties, and they can take time to form. Not everyone wants to make friends, so don’t let them discourage you.

You should keep yourself open to making many friends as possible. Don’t stop once you have two or three friends, as they may have conflicting timetables, or just not be the right fit for you once you know them better.

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There are 3 main types of friendships you can form around campus:

Social friendships - It is important to have social friends for when you want to go out, relax, and take your mind of university work.

Academic friendships - It is important to have academic friends so you can discuss modules, classes and to attend faculty events with.

Flatmate friendships - It is important to be friendly with those you live with, to have a more comfortable time in your flat.

Some friendships might fit more than one of these options.

Here is our advice on how to make these 3 different friendships:

How to make Social Friendships:

  • Join societies and attend their events - there are all sorts of different societies take a look on the union website and follow them on social media to see what they are up to. There are sports, activity, hobby and academic based societies.
  • Go to the Student Union events and Give it a Go sessions.
  • Go to Sports Hull events and sports classes.

How to make Academic Friendships:

  • Turn up early to classes and talk to others waiting outside.
  • Go to your faculty events.
  • Sit next to people in classes and talk to them before or after class.
  • Invite classmates to join you for a coffee after class.
  • Look at who looks lonely in your classes and try to sit next to them next time as they probably need a friend too.

How to make Flatmate Friendships:

  • Help them move into their room.
  • Get a box of biscuits to leave in your communal kitchen with a note introducing yourself.
  • Let them know you are going to the supermarket and they are welcome to join you, or ask them if you can join them on their next supermarket trip.
  • Organise a flat takeaway and movie night or even a flat night out.


If you are struggling to make friendships, need some advice or just want someone to talk to, then pop into the Student Union Central hub on the first floor or call 01482 462222.