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Newland Avenue's Best Ice Cream Spot


Hayley Elahee

BSc Computer Science

Now before you go on about how you’re not an ice cream fan - I mean I’m not judging but that's a red flag - stay tuned. I guarantee to quench all your craving needs by the end of this blog!

Now for those of you new to campus, or those yet to join us, you may be unfamiliar with where our dearest Newland Avenue is. A hotspot for shops, restaurants, nightclubs, takeaways, piercers and even a hidden bubble tea shop, Newland Avenue is about a 15-minute walk down Cottingham Road from the university.

After a good stroll down the infamous street, you arrive at one of my most loved restaurants / ice cream parlours. Café Gelato. With inside and outside seating, this hidden gem gets packed with a wide and welcoming menu of gelato, coffee, teas, crepes, waffles, giant slices of cake and more!

When you walk in, you walk in with certainty that your sweet tooth will be satisfied. But oh, you say you don’t have a sweet tooth? You’re watching your calories? No fear! This gorgeous spot is home to some of the tastiest burgers ever.

I’ve frequently dragged my laptop into my backpack and walked to the café at 11am to grab some breakfast while I finish my assignments and boy is it worth it. I mean programming is always easier with food. Not only are the staff some of the friendliest employees ever, but truly their food is to die for. Quality is ensured and service is fast and efficient just as students need. Portion sizes are enormous and you have to try the ultimate vegan burgers - just simply gorgeous.

When you walk in, you walk in with certainty that your sweet tooth will be satisfied!

No, you say. I simply can’t afford to sit down at a restaurant with the money I have at the moment Hayley, it’s simply too much! Now what if I tell you... you can sit at this restaurant, grab yourself a delicious main, a drink and a lovely dessert for a simple...

Drumroll please...

£10! Yes, a two-course meal for a tenner. A true steal when you’re waiting for that student loan to drop (honestly, I could count the hours at this point). It really is one of my favourite spots in Hull, sometimes all you need is a nice comfort meal after a spell of homesickness and truly, Café Gelato really did hit the spot for me.

Whether it be an open day, fresher’s week, exam week or simply a boring morning, do try it out yourself and see what I’m on about! Grab yourself a meal, a milkshake or even a waffle, bring your friends, family and make a day of it!

Anyhow, I’m glad to be able to share one of my favourite spots in Hull with you all and I really do hope that you all pay it a visit. It really is my favourite restaurant in Hull and I’m sure you’d love it!

Thank you as always,

Your acute advisor, Hayley

Hayley promises she's not sponsored or endorsed by Cafe Gelato!
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