Dr Xuebin Ke


Faculty of Science and Engineering


01482 466688

Dr Ke is a lecturer of chemical engineering whose research goals are to develop new separation and catalysis techniques as well as energy-efficient processes.

His career development in this direction is evidenced by continuous fellowships and grants awarded as well as a successful record of related teaching, supervision and knowledge exchange.

Dr Ke has published important research outcomes in the leading high impact journals for his field, including Advanced Materials, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, ACS Nano and Green Chemistry. His citation total is more than 1800 with an h-index of 20.


Research Interests

  • Materials chemistry

  • Membrane technology

  • Green sustainable processes

  • Nanotechnology

  • Developing new materials for energy


Ke X, Zhu H, Gao X, Liu J, Zheng Z, 'High-Performance Ceramic Membranes with a Separation Layer of Metal Oxide Nanofibres', Advanced Materials, 19, pp 785-790 (2007)

Zhu H, Ke X, Yang X, Sarina S, Liu H, 'Reduction of Nitroaromatic Compounds on Supported Gold Nanoparticles by Visible and Ultraviolet Light', Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 49, pp 9657-9661 (2010)

Ke X, Zhang Z, Liu H, Xue S, Zhu H, 'Efficient Catalysts of Zeolite Nanocrystals Grown with a Preferred Orientation on Nanofibres', Chemical Communications, 49, pp 9866-9868 (2013)

Ke X, Zhang X, Zhao J, Sarina S, Barry J, Zhu H, 'Selective Reductions Using Visible Light Photocatalysts of Supported Gold Nanoparticles', Green Chemistry, 15, pp 236-244 (2013)

Zhang X, Ke X, Du A, Zhu H, 'Plasmonic Nanostructures to Enhance Catalytic Performance of Zeolites under Visible Light', Scientific Reports, 4: 3805 (2014)


Full list - https://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=t5_bPy4AAAAJ&hl=en


Modules list

  • Chemical Dynamics and Process Equipment

  • Industrial Bio-Processes and Chemistry in industry

Research PhDs

  • Photocatalysis and solar energy

  • Advanced materials and catalysis

  • Membrane science

  • Sustainable energy process

Completed PhDs

Dr Ke has supervised four PhD students to completion since 2010. Two of these were granted the University Doctoral Outstanding Thesis Award.

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Chemical Engineering, Nanjing Tech University

  • BSc Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology

Awards and accolades

  • Smart Future Fellowship of Queensland (2012-2015) for the project, High Performance Ceramic Nanofibre Membranes for Bioseparation and Bioprocessing

  • Australian Discovery Project (2009-2011), Developing High Flux Ceramic Membranes via In Situ Synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanofibres for Separations of Biological Substances

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellowship of QUT (2009-2011), Separation and Catalysis Applications of Composite Materials Based on Metal Oxides Nanofibres

  • Grant from the Australian Academy of Science to visit the University of Oxford (2011) for the project, New Structured Ceramic Nanofibre Membranes for Bioseparation and Bioprocessing