Vesselin Paunov

Professor Vesselin N Paunov

Professor of Physical Chemistry and Advanced Materials

Faculty of Science and Engineering

+44 (0) 1482 465660

Vesselin Paunov received his PhD in Physical Chemistry in 1997 from the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, where he studied the lateral capillary interactions between colloid particles adsorbed at liquid surfaces.

Vesselin was then awarded NATO/RS Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Hull where he worked on projects related to wetting phenomena and colloid interactions.

In 1998, he moved to the USA as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Delaware where he specialised in research on microemulsions.

He was appointed lecturer in physical chemistry at Hull in 2000 and promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2004, Reader in 2008 and Professor in 2013. He is currently Chair of Physical Chemistry and Advanced Materials.


Research Interests

  • Anisotropic materials and smart surfaces
  • Biocomposites and biomaterials
  • Cyborg cells
  • Whole cell biosensors
  • Nanotoxicity
  • Bioimprinting and cell shape recognition
  • Antimicrobial nanoparticles
  • Structuring of food products
  • Microencapsulation technologies for drug delivery formulations
  • Stimulus triggered release of actives
  • Stimulus responsive colloid dispersions

Research groups

  • The Paunov Research Group conducts highly interdisciplinary research in the areas of colloids, nanoscience and biomaterials


Medlock J, Das A A K, Madden L A, Allsup D J, Paunov V N, 'Cancer Bioimprinting and Cell Shape Recognition for Diagnosis and Targeted Treatment', Chemical Society Reviews, 46, pp 5110 – 5127 (2017)

Halbus A F, Horozov T S, Paunov V N, 'Colloid Particle Formulations for Antimicrobial Applications', Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, doi: 10.1016/j.cis.2017.05.012 (2017)

Paunov V N, Al-Shehri H, Horozov T S, 'Attachment of Composite Porous Supra-Particles to Air–Water and Oil–Water Interfaces: Theory and Experiment', Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18, pp 26495-26508 (2016)

Richter A P, Brown J S, Bharti B, Wang A, Gangwal S, Houck K, Cohen Hubal E A, Paunov V N, Stoyanov S D, Velev O D, 'An Environmentally Benign Antimicrobial Nanoparticle Based on a Silver-Infused Lignin Core', Nature Nanotechnology, 10, pp 817-823 (2015)

Al-Awady M J, Greenway G M, Paunov V N, 'Nanotoxicity of Polyelectrolyte-Functionalised Titania Nanoparticles towards Microalgae and Yeast: Role of the Particle Concentration, Size and Surface Charge', RSC Advances, 5, pp 37044-37059 (2015)

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry
  • Problem Solving Workshops in Physical Chemistry I
  • Problem Solving Workshops in Physical Chemistry II
  • Advanced Colloid Science
  • Advanced Topics in Nanotechnology/Surface Characterisation Techniques
  • Lab Physical Chemistry Laboratory Class (year 3)
  • Topics in Materials and Inorganic Chemistry (year 4)
  • Hot Topics in Physical and Materials Chemistry (year 4)

Research PhDs

Completed PhDs

Olivier Cayre (University of Leeds), Pietro Taylor, (University of Leeds), Neil Ashby (Reckitts-Benkiser, Hull), Chun Xu (Biochem, Shanghai, China), Mustafa Ersoz (University of Konya, Turkey), Hartmut Wege, Soumen Ghosh (Bangalore), Andrew Campbell (University of Leeds), William Small (Croda, Hull, UK), Amro Dyab (University of Minia, Egypt), Nae-guy Kang (LG, Korea), Rawil Fakhrulin (Kazan State University, Russia), Josef Borovicka (University of Leeds), Shwan Hamad (University of Hull), Baghali Mathapa, Marius Rutskevicus, Anupam Das, Hamza Al-Shehri, Mohammed Al-Awady, Emmanuel Ubuo, Ali-Al-Orabi, He Liang, Zeinab Arabeyyat

Current PhD supervisions

Saba Al-Obaidy, Osama Bedran, Jevan Medlock, Ben Thompson, Dr Anupam Das, Dr He Liang, Ahmed Al-Mamoori, Benjamin Filby 

Professional highlights

External roles

  • Published more than 130 scientific papers in international journals and a co-author of 13 patents
  • Given more than 90 invited and conference presentations
  • Attracted significant research funding from the UK research councils EPSRC, BBSRC and the industry.
  • Member of the management committees of the EU COST action 'Colloidal Aspects of Nanoscience for Innovative Processes and Materials' 2011-2015 and the UK Polymer Colloids Forum 2008-2014
  • Organised and chaired the 14th UKPCF annual meeting at the University of Hull in 2009 and the Biomaterials symposium within the Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts in 2012.

Professional highlights

Research achievements

  • Produced edible polymer micro-rods from shellac wax and ethyl cellulose which have potential utility in a huge number of foam formulations in the food industry (Journal of Materials Chemistry, 18, 2008)
  • Produced food-grade anisotropic ‘lumpy’ micro-rods with micro-particle inclusions using an in-shear flow solvent attrition technique (Soft Matter, 5, 2009)
  • Fabricated multifunctional micro-ampoules in a novel way which have great potential utility for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations (ChemPhysChem, 10, 2009)
  • Engineered magnetically functionalised yeast cells by using polyelectrolyte mediated deposition of magnetite nanoparticles (Soft Matter, 6, 2010; Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 400, 2011)
  • Developed a novel technique for the fabrication of magnetic Janus microparticles based on 'trapping' the alignment of microencapsulated magnetite nanoparticles dispersed within the oil drops of polymerizable oil-in-water emulsion (Journal of Materials Chemistry, 19 (2009) 3475-3481).
  • Developed a new class of colloid structures, cellosomes, which represent hollow microcapsules whose membranes consist of single monolayer of living cells (Chemical Communications, 19, 2009; Soft Matter, 6, 2010; Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12 2010)