Suzanne Clisby

Dr Suzanne Clisby

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education

01482 465195

Postgraduate Director of Gender Studies/ Coordinator of MA Women's and Gender Studies (GEMMA)

Dr Suzanne Clisby is a senior lecturer in social sciences and the Director of Postgraduate Gender Studies at the University of Hull, and a senior research fellow at Goldsmiths.

She coordinates the MA Women’s and Gender Studies (GEMMA) programme in partnership with seven European universities.

Dr Clisby, an editor of the Journal of Gender Studies, also coordinates the University's Centre for Gender Studies and the Annette Fitzsimon’s Trust, and she founded the Annette Fitzsimons Feminist Library.

She has strong links to women’s services in Hull and is a trustee of the Hull Women’s Centre and a member of Hull Rape Crisis.


Research Interests

  • Gender

  • Development

  • Feminist theory and methodologies

  • Anthropology

  • Social sciences

Research groups

Conducting or conducted 14 externally-funded collaborative research projects / consultancies in the fields of gender, anthropology, social policy and development (GAD) amounting to total funding of more than £8.5 million.

  • Global Gender and Cultures of Equalities (GlobalGRACE) RCUK GCRF grant £3.725 million. Co-Director/P.I. with Johnson. GlobalGRACE draws together 14 academic and NGO partner organisations across eight countries to employs arts-based practices, curatorial and multi-sensory research, digital and literary engagement and public exhibitions to investigate the production of cultures of equality and enable gender positive approaches to wellbeing internationally. (October 2017- December 2021)

  • Gender and Cultures of Equalities in Europe (GRACE), Horizon 2020, Marie S Curie European Training Network grant of €3.719 million (MSCA-ITN-2015-ETN, 675378). Principle Investigator. Working with 10 academic and industrial partners across six European countries, to systematically investigate the cultural production of gender equalities within Europe. (October 2015 – October 2019)

  • Girl’s Rights in the UK Project, funded by Plan International UK, £42,000. Principle Investigator. This study (with Alsop, Bradshaw and Russell) explored girl’s rights and the experience of growing up girl in the UK. (June 2015 - December 2017)

  • European Joint Doctorate in Women’s and Gender Studies (EDGES) Project (European Life Long Learning Programme (LLP) €429,234. Co-applicant for a funding bid to the European Commission (LLP) to support the creation of a collaborative European recognised PhD of Excellence in Women’s and Gender Studies. (October 2013 – September 2015)

  • Breakthrough: women’s experiences of education, training and employment (European Social Fund £163,154). Principle Investigator, funded by European Social Fund, Learning and Skills Council, and Hull Women’s Network. (March 2006 – Dec 2007)

  • Evaluating Peer Education in Lincolnshire (£4,800 Lincolnshire Teenage Pregnancy Unit). 12 month study commissioned to explore qualitatively the use of teenage parents as peer educators within schools. Joint grant holder with Nicki Stanley. (2004-2005)

  • Living on the Edge: sexual behaviour and young parenthood in seaside and rural areas (£193,028, Department of Health). Joint grant holder with Gary Craig and Nicki Stanley. Collaborative study with Universities of Hull, Brighton and Liverpool. (Feb 2002- Feb 2004)

  • Environment, Place and Property in Costa Rica (£2,000 University of Hull Research Support Fund). Pilot study considered the impact of western lifestyle migration on social relations of environmentalism in Costa Rica. (2002-3)

  • Action Pays (£9,950, National Council for Voluntary Youth Services and Changemakers). Evaluation of the Action Pays programme working with young people (11-25) in the UK to encourage community engagement through youth-led participatory development. (Feb – Oct 2002)

  • Young Women and Rural Regeneration (£16,500, YWCA). Research with a broad range of young women (16-30) in four urban contexts across the UK to explore perceptions of and engagement with urban regeneration programmes. (March – October 2001)

  • Young Parenting in Lincolnshire (£11,500, Lincolnshire Social Services). Small-scale empirical study to identify the key needs and experiences of parenting for young people (under 19) and to gain the perspectives of key professionals. (Oct 2000 – Jan 2001)

  • Institutional Impacts of Publicly-funded Mediation (£200,000, Legal Aid Board). Employed as research assistant on this larger scale collaborative project. (1997-1999)

  • Popular Participation: Democratising the State in Rural Bolivia (£190,000, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). (1995-1997)


(with Alsop) 'A Vindication of the Rights of Girls in Wollstonecraft: life and legacies', Journal of Gender Studies, special issue (2019, forthcoming)

(with Johnson & Turner eds.) Theorising Cultures of Equality, London: Routledge, (2018, forthcoming)

'Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe and Beyond', Journal of Home and Community Sciences, special issue editor (December 2017)

'Gendering Happiness and its Discontents', in Journal of Gender Studies, special issue ‘Gendering Happiness: the power of pleasure’, 26:1 (2017)

(with Enderstein) 'Caught between the Orientalist-Occidentalist Polemic: gender mainstreaming as feminist transformation or neo-colonial subversion?', International Feminist Journal of Politics, special thematic issue, pp 1-16 (2017)

Full list


Modules list

  • Independent Gender Research

  • Dissertation Workshop

  • Feminist Theory: between difference and diversity

  • Feminist Research Methods and Methodologies

  • Encountering Development: why gender matters

  • Poverty, Gender and Development

Research PhDs

Dr Clisby welcomes applications for doctoral research in gender studies, and gender and development

Completed PhDs

  • Suzy Benn, FT PhD Gender Studies, University of Hull scholarship, Ageing Sex and Sexuality: older women’s sexual identities and experiences (2017).

  • Fiona de Hoog, FT PhD Social Justice, University of Hull Scholarship, Slavery and Women: female agency in the trade of human beings (2017).

  • Lucy Bradshaw, PT PhD Gender Studies, New Lad or Just Like Dad? Young Masculinities and career aspirations in Hull (2017).

  • Yoana Nieto Valdivieso, FT PhD Gender Studies, University of Hull Scholarship, The Politics of Memory: narratives of Colombian women guerrillas (2016). Dr Valdivieso-Hare is a postdoctoral researcher at Birmingham University.

  • Beverly Orton, PT PhD, Women’s experiences of apartheid in South Africa through the lens of theatre 1985-1995 (2015). Dr Orton is a lecturer in criminology at the University of Hull.

  • Mojirayo Afolabi, FT PhD, Gender and agricultural development in Nigeria (2015). Dr Afolabi is a lecturer in gender studies at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

  • Tanzina Choudhury, FT PhD University of Hull Scholarship, Gender, employment and social change: female construction workers in Sylhet, Bangladesh (2014). Dr Choudhury is a lecturer in sociology at the Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology in Bangladesh.

  • James Turner, FT (ESRC-funded 1+3 programme) "Aquela loirinha, baixinha, não sabe dançar...": An ethnographic account of the accommodation of whiteness within the discourse and practice of the Brazilian female sexual subject in Florianópolis, Brazil (2011). Dr Turner is now Senior Research Associate and GlobalGRACE Project Manager at Goldsmiths, University of London.

  • Florence Bamora, FT PhD, Gender and Educational Inequalities in Secondary Education in Ghana (2011). Dr Bamora now works within the educational governmental sector training teachers in Ghana.

  • Jenny Ubi, FT MPhil, Widowhood in Nigeria (2011). Jenny went on to work in the social services sector in the UK.

  • Arifur Rahman, FT PhD, Women’s employment in the garments industry in Bangladesh: exploitation or emancipation? (2010). Dr Rahman is a senior civil servant in Bangladesh.

  • Nneke Ofoegbu-McCourt, FT PhD, Gender and Housing Among the Urban Poor, Abuja, Nigeria (2007). Dr Ofoegbu-McCourt runs a gender and development NGO in both the UK and Nigeria.

  • Johar Ali, FT PhD, A Critique of Participatory Development in Pakistan (2006). Dr Ali is Vice Chancellor of the University of Maikland, Khyber Pakhunthwa, Pakistan.

  • Ani Margawati, FT PhD (WHO funded), Patterns of Breast Feeding Practice in Semarang, Indonesia: a comparison between women in peri-urban and urban areas (2006). Dr Margawati is a lecturer in health sciences at Diponogoro University, Indonesia.

  • Ruth Evans, FT PhD, On and Off the Street: Negotiating Childhood - the gendered experiences of children in difficult circumstances in Tanzania (2004). Dr Evans became a lecturer in human geography at the University of Reading.

  • Francess Azumah, FT PhD, Gender Inequalities in Manufacturing: A Case Study of Food-Processing and the Textiles and Garment Industries in Ghana (2004). Dr Azumah is a lecturer in gender and sociology at the University of Ghana.

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Lisa Gelbhart, FT PhD, Sociology & Social Anthropology, University of Hull Scholarship, Languages of Emotion: narratives of violence and healing in cross cultural contexts, submitted thesis October 2017

  • Alejandra Benitex Silva, PT PhD, Gender Studies, Gender and Cultures of Equalities (GRACE), Marie S Curie Early Stage Research Assistant, Urban Sports and Cultures of Equality, start date September 2016

  • Athena Enderstein, FT PhD, Gender Studies, Gender and Cultures of Equalities (GRACE), Marie S Curie Research Assistant, Employing Cultures of Equality, start date May 2016

  • Barbara Grabher, FT PhD, Gender Studies, Gender and Culture of Equalities (GRACE), Marie S Curie Early Stage Research Assistant, Cultures of Equality in a City of Culture, start date Feb 2016

  • Dr Mike Griffiths, PT PhD, Sociology and Social Anthropology, Social Protection and Resilience in Community-Based Organisations in Myanmar, start date Dec 2015

  • Theresa Redmond, FT PhD, University of Hull Scholarship, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE): the interplay of social and psychological processes, social constructions and narratives that precipitate and maintain involvement in CSE for both perpetrators and victims, start date Sept 2014

  • Sarah Colley, PT PhD, Social Justice, Child Sexual Exploitation in the UK, start date Sept 2013

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Gender Issues, Indigenous Peoples and Popular Participation in Bolivia, Sociology and Social Anthropology, University of Hull (2001)

  • BA Hons Sociology, first class, University of York (1993)

External roles

  • Senior Research Fellow, Goldsmiths, University of London (PT)

  • Editor, Journal of Gender Studies, Routledge, Taylor & Francis, London

  • Editorial Board, Development Studies Research, Routledge Open Access, Taylor & Francis

  • Editorial Board, Journal of Studies in Home and Community Science, KRE Publishers, Delhi, India

  • Visiting scholar, Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), June 2015, funded by the European Commission.

  • Visiting professor, University of Oviedo, Spain, December 2009 and November 2013 to deliver gender studies masterclasses, funded by the European Commission

  • Visiting research fellow, Rutgers University, New Jersey, 20 March – 20 May 2010, funded by the European Commission

  • External Examiner, University of Leeds, 2016-2020, MA Global Development; MA Global Development and Africa; MA Global Development and Education; MA Global Development and Gender; MA Global Development and International Political Economy; MA Global Development and Political Economy of International Resources

  • External Examiner, Durham University, 2009-2013, MSc Development Anthropology and MSc Sustainability, Culture and Development

  • Feminist and Women’s Studies Association member

  • ATGender member

Professional highlights

Gender research conferences

Established and organised a series of interdisciplinary gender research conferences from 2009 at the University of Hull to showcase cutting edge gender studies scholarship and provide a platform for emerging research in the field. These conferences have garnered a positive international reputation and provide an important platform for gender studies scholarship and research.

Annette Fitzsimons Trust and Annette Fitzsimons Feminist Library

Established the Annette Fitzsimons Trust, following the death of a longstanding friend and colleague, with the support of her partner Keith Russell, to hold a feminist lecture series and annual activism event in Annette's memory. Also established a specialist private collection, the Annette Fitzsimons Feminist Library, for the use of gender studies scholars and students at the University of Hull.

Working with women's services in the community

Worked closely with a number of community groups, including the Hull Women’s Centre, Hull Rape Crisis, Hull Women’s Network and the Hull Domestic Abuse Partnership.

International links and collaboration

Developed and coordinated successful British Council links with universities in Pakistan, India and Chile in the areas of gender and development and curriculum development and been a specialist advisor (gender and development) to the British Council Higher Education Link Programme, renamed the Delphe Programme, and the International Health Links Funding Scheme.

Visiting scholar

Spent time as visiting researcher / scholar at the University of Oviedo (Spain), the University of Granada (Spain), Rutgers University (USA) and INTEC (Dominican Republic).iversity of Granada (Spain), Rutgers University (USA) and INTEC (Dominican Republic).