Dr Susanne Vosmer

Clinical Tutor

Faculty of Health Sciences

School of Health and Social Work


01482 463280

Passionate about service development, consultation, research and clinical work, Dr Susanne Vosmer has worked in the NHS and the private sector for almost two decades.

Dr Vosmer worked in private organisations prior to becoming a clinical psychologist.


Research Interests

  • Psychotherapy

Research groups

  • Minerva Network

  • Critical Love Studies


Vosmer S, 'The Stone Mother Revisited', Journal of Group Analysis (2018, in press)

Vosmer S, 'The Myth of Romantic Love may be ruining your health', The Conversation / The Independent (2017)

Vosmer S, 'The usefulness of group analysis in the conceptualisation and treatment of personality disorders and complex post-traumatic stress disorder', Group Analysis, 45(4), pp 498-514 (2012)

Vosmer S, 'Group Analysis and the Virtual World. Communication in an Expanding Matrix', Group Analysis, 43(4), pp 505-21 (2010)

Vosmer S, Hackett S and Callanan M, '"Normal” and “inappropriate” childhood sexual behaviours: Findings from a Delphi study of professionals in the United Kingdom', Journal of Sexual Aggression, 15(3), pp 275-288 (2009)

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Psychodynamic Theory & Therapy

  • Supervision & Clinical Skills

Research PhDs

  • Forensic Psychology, Love and Psychotherapy

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BSc Hons

  • MA (Psychoanalytic Studies)

  • DCLin

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Group Psychotherapy

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

External roles

  • Dissertation Supervisor for the Institute of Group Analysis

  • Dissertation Supervisor for the New School for Psychotherapy and Counselling

  • National Marker at the Institute of Group Analysis

Awards and accolades

  • Dennis Brown Prize in Group Analysis 2010

Professional highlights

  • Collaboration on Trauma Research Project

  • Collaboration with the Media

  • The article on Romantic Love was translated and published in magazine and newspapers worldwide