Ray Kirtley

Academic Specialist in Education Studies/ RA Newton Fund Vietnam Project/ Co-ordinator of the Erasmus + project, Girls into Global STEM

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education


Ray Kirtley has a background in secondary education and as a local authority adviser.

He has been with the University of Hull since 1996, co-ordinating and evaluating EU education projects and managing regional programmes for both global and international education.

In addition to management of the Erasmus + project, Girls into Global STEM, he is also involved with mobile learning projects in Thailand and Vietnam.

Outside of the University he chairs the Global Learning Association, a not-for-profit company providing in-service teacher training both in the UK and other EU countries, alongside assessment expertise for the British Council's International School Award.


Research Interests

  • Gender inequality in STEM subjects at school

  • Evaluating impact in international projects

  • Use of mobile technologies in school and in teacher education


Teaching awards and accolades

  • Certificate of Education

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • Managing the European (later International) Resource Centre for Schools and Colleges at the University (1998 - 2010), alongside two external programmes and nine EU projects

External roles

UK Global Learning Association for Schools - a charity which brings together international and global education professionals. The Global Learning Association is its not-for-profit trading arm and currently manages two application assessment contracts for the British Council and runs Erasmus + Key Action 1 courses for teachers in the UK, Poland, Sweden, Spain and France.

Professional highlights

Working as an Erasmus + expert on the assessment of applications for the British Council, a British Council Ambassador and a member of their consultants group. Working alone or with colleagues I have externally evaluated two international education programmes and several Erasmus + projects.