Dr Qin Qin

Lecturer in Acoustics

Faculty of Science and Engineering


01482 466448

In charge of the Acoustics Research Centre/ Leader of the Foundation Engineering and Acoustics modules. 

Dr Qin Qin is a lecturer who is currently responsible for delivering two undergraduate lecture modules, along with his research activities funded by EPSRC and Siemens.

He has been working on a number of externally-funded research projects in addition to student supervision activities.


Research Interests

  • Noise absorption and insulation

  • Combustion, environmental noise prediction and control

  • Outdoor sound propagation

  • Acoustic materials

Research groups

  • Principal-investigator for 'Acoustic investigation of perforated liners in gas turbine combustors', funded by EPSRC and Siemens UK, £107,000 plus equipment (2015-20)

  • Co-investigator for 'Optimisation of resonant devices for attenuation of gas turbine combustor noise (Phase II)', funded by Siemens Energy Orlando, USA, £64,000 (2015-17)


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M. Rutkevicius, Z. Austin, B. Chalk, G. Mehl, Q. Qin, P. Rubini, S. Stoyanov and V. Paunov, 'Sound absorption of porous cement composites: effects of the porosity and the pore size', Journal of Materials Science, Volume 50, Issue 9, pp 3495-3503 (2015)

B. Houston, J. Wang, Q. Qin, P. Rubini, 'Experimental and numerical investigation of Helmholtz resonators and perforated liners as attenuation devices in industrial gas turbine combustors', Fuel, Volume 151, pp 31-39 (2015)

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