Mark Lorch

Professor Mark Lorch

Professor of Science Communication

Faculty of Science and Engineering

01482 465687

A chemist, writer and science communicator, Mark started his research career working on protein folding and has since delved into all sorts of other aspects of biological chemistry ranging from how organisms' signalling molecules will be affected by ocean acidification to monitoring micro-pollutants in waterways.

Alongside his research, Mark is passionate about communicating science to as wide an audience as possible. To that end his prose regularly appears in the mainstream press, he established and directs the Hull Science Festival and he pops UP regularly radio and TV.


Research Interests

  • Marine organisms signalling molecules and ocean acidification

  • Citizen science

  • Monitoring of endocrine disruptors in water ways



Roggatz, C.C., Lorch, M., Hardege, J.D., Benoit, D.M., 'Ocean Acidification Affects Marine Chemical Communication by Changing Structure and Function of Peptide Signalling Molecules' (2016), Global Change Biology, 22 (12), pp. 3914-3926.

Poli, M.D., Zawodny, W., Quinonero, O., Lorch, M., Webb, S.J., Clayden, J., 'Conformational Photoswitching of a Synthetic Peptide Foldamer Bound within a Phospholipid Bilayer' (2016), Science, 352 (6285), pp. 575-580.

Reggie, L., Lopez, J.J., Collinson, I., Glaubitz, C., Lorch, M., 'Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation-enhanced Solid-State NMR of a 13C-labeled Signal Peptide Bound to Lipid-reconstituted Sec Translocon' (2011), Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133 (47), pp. 19084-19086.


Lorch, M & Miah, A. (eds) (2017), The Secret Science of Superheroes, Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry (in press).

Lorch, M & Miah, A. (eds) (2016), A Flash of Light – The Science of Light and Colour, Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry.

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Foundation Science

  • Chemistry in Context

  • Advanced NMR spectroscopy

  • Biological macromolecules, lipids and membranes

  • Chemistry for Biologists, NMR

  • Science Technology

  • Public Engagement and Science Communication

Research PhDs

Completed PhDs 

Rebecca Batchelor, Drug Lipid Interactions, Studied by Solid State NMR

Rahul Saurabh, Interactions of Alzheimer's Peptides with Lipid Membranes

Yaser Alnaaam, Effect of Diet on Lipid Composition of Heart, Liver and Kidneys

Christina Roggatz, Effects of Ocean Acidification on Structure of Marine Organisms’ Signalling Molecules

Current PhD supervisions 

Samantha Richardson, Using Paper Microfluidics to Sample Pollutants in Water Ways

Teaching awards and accolades

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Post Graduate Certificate of Higher Education

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BSc (Warwick)

  • PhD (Bristol)

Awards and accolades

  • Daniell Lecture, Building Nature’s Robots, King College London, October 2017

  • TEDxDerby, Minecraft and Chemistry, Quad, Derby, May 2016

  • TEDxHull, Illusions of Truth, Hull Truck Theatre, February 2015

  • Named in ’20 Chemists Worth Following on Twitter’, Chemical and Engineering News, 92(39) 29 September, 2014

  • Named in ‘Top Blog Posts of 2014’, Nature Chemistry, 19 December 2014

  • Famelab 2012 National Finalist, Royal Institution, March 2012

  • Most read author (with over eight million page reads) on The Conversation network