Dr Peter Cserne

Senior Lecturer and Law Research Lead


  • PhD (University of Hamburg)


Péter Cserne joined the University of Hull in 2012 as Senior Lecturer in Law. He received his PhD from the University of Hamburg, Germany, and held appointments in Budapest, Hungary, and Tilburg, Netherlands. A specialist in legal theory, law and economics, and contract law, Péter has been visiting researcher at Columbia University, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, University of Oxford, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Legal Studies and the University of Toronto.


Peter would be interested in supervising research students on the following topics: jurisprudence, law and economics, philosophical, interdisciplinary, comparative and empirical analyses of private law. Completed PhDs - Jan Broulík, University of Tilburg, Economics in Legal Decision-Making (2017). Current supervision - David Bull: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Standard Form Contracts in Business Transactions (supervisor since Aug 2017, co-supervisor: Catherine Mitchell, University of Birmingham)

Book Chapter

Paternalism and contract law

Cserne, P. (2018). Paternalism and contract law. In K. Grill, & J. Hanna (Eds.), The Routledge handbook of the philosophy of paternalism, 293-310. Abingdon: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)

Les nudges sont-ils des outils extra-juridiques?

Cserne, P. (2018). Les nudges sont-ils des outils extra-juridiques?. In A. Brunon-Ernst, & M. Bozzo-Rey (Eds.), Nudges et normativités: Généalogies, Concepts et Applications, 121-145

Stílus a jogban: a bírói ‚rvel‚stol a stilus curiae-ig ‚s vissza

Cserne, P. (2017). Stílus a jogban: a bírói érveléstol a stilus curiae-ig és vissza. In S. Hegyi, E. Vinnai, & Z. Zodi (Eds.), Orbis Iuris. Ünnepi tanulmánykötet Szabó Miklós 65. születésnapjára, 183-198. Miskolc: Bíbor

Models of human behaviour in economics, policy and the law

Cserne, P. (2016). Models of human behaviour in economics, policy and the law. In J. Zweynert, S. Kolev, & N. Goldschmidt (Eds.), Neue Ordnungsökonomik, 49-68. Tübingen: Mohr Sieback

Journal Article

Behavioural law and economics as litmus test

Cserne, P. (2017). Behavioural law and economics as litmus test. Œ.., 7(7-3), 305-329. doi:10.4000/oeconomia.2630