Pete Rowley

Teaching Fellow

Faculty of Science and Engineering

01482 462135

Pete Rowley is a volcanologist, with expertise in sedimentology, rock physics, and experimental modelling.

He explores the interplay between flow and sedimentation processes, their expression in the rock record, and how volcanic materials behave through burial and deformation.


Research Interests

  • Volcanology

  • Experimental flume modelling

  • Sedimentology

  • Volcano-seismicity

  • Rock physics and rock mechanics

Research groups

  • Energy and Environment Institute


Rowley P J, Kokelaar P, Menzies M, Waltham D, 'Shear-derived mixing in dense granular flows', Journal of Sedimentary Research (2011)

Rowley P J, Roche O, Druitt T H, Cas R, 'Experimental study of dense pyroclastic density currents using sustained, gas-fluidized granular flows', Bulletin of Volcanology (2014)

Talling P J, Allin J, Armitage D A, Arnott R W C, Rowley P J et al, 'Key Future Directions For Research On Turbidity Currents and Their Deposits', Journal of Sedimentary Research (2015)

Harnett C E, Benson P M, Rowley P J, Fazio M, 'Fracture and damage localisation in volcanic edifice rocks from El Hierro, Stromboli and Tenerife', Scientific reports (2018)

Smith G M, Williams R, Rowley P J, Parsons D R, 'Investigation of variable aeration of monodisperse mixtures: implications for pyroclastic density currents', Bulletin of Volcanology (2018)

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Understanding The Earth

  • Geohazards

  • Igneous and Metamorphic Geology

  • Geoscience Fieldcourse

  • Volcanoes and their Hazards

  • Earth Evolution

  • Geological mapping dissertation

Research PhDs

  • Volcanology, volcanosedimentology

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Greg Smith,¬†Quantifying the sedimentation of ignimbrites: understanding the behaviour of pyroclastic density currents through experimental modelling, University of Hull

Teaching awards and accolades

  • HEA Fellowship

  • PGCE (Secondary Science), Brunel University, 2003

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, Volcanology, Royal Holloway University of London (2010)

  • MSc Geoscience, Royal Holloway University of London (2001)