Dr Paul McAleer

Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education


+44 (0) 1482 465899

Dr Paul McAleer teaches literature, art and film on all Hispanic culture modules as well as contributing to interdisciplinary, cross-departmental modules such as Modern Women’s Writing.

His research focuses on 20th-century Spanish and Latin American literature and popular culture.

Specific fields of interest include the comic novel, cultural hybridity, transculturation, utopian and dystopian texts, representations of indigenous identity, dialogism and gender studies.



Research Interests

  • The representation of cultural identity expressed within different comic genres of Latin America
  • The translation of indigenous cultures in Latin American literature
  • The different and sometimes contradictory narratives of identity that abound within comic texts, focusing specifically on socio-cultural contexts and the constant (re)formation of hybrid cultural practices that constantly produced new concepts of identity.
  • The theory of transculturation
  • Theories of hybridity and translation, utopian and dystopian studies, dialogism and gender studies

Research groups

  • Currently investigating the influence of indigenous cultural narratives on the Latin American novel of the 20th and 21st centuries, focusing primarily on the translation of imagery and symbols into the written word.
  • The long term plan of this project is to study the impact and traces of indigenous cultures in other aspects of seemingly ‘Hispanic’ cultural practices in Latin America.


McAleer P, 'Patoruzú: Criollo, Indigenous and Urban Narratives in the Argentine Nacionalismo Popular’, accepted for publication in the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies (2017)

McAleer P, ‘The Perils of Joking with Comic Stereotypes in a Postcolonial Context: A Case Study of Cien años de Soledad’, Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies (Tesserae), pp 187-203, (2015)

McAleer P, Hybrid Identity and the Utopian Impulse in the Postmodern Spanish-American Comic Novel, Woodbridge: Tamesis (2015)

McAleer P, ‘Satire, Irony and Humorismo in Sábato’s El túnel’, Bulletin of Spanish Studies, LXXXVI, pp 227-251 (2009)

McAleer P, ‘Transcultural Identities: Representations of the ‘Self’ in Two Peruvian Novels of the Transnational Era’, in Displacement and Belonging in the Contemporary World, ed. by Richard Ganis, Salford: European Research Institute, pp. 41-53 (2008)

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Modules list

  • Spanish Language (all levels)
  • Spanish and Latin American cultural modules (all levels)

Research PhDs

Dr McAleer welcomes PhD students in the areas of Spanish-American literary studies, the representation of Spanish-American indigeneity, hybrid studies, comic studies and cultural translation.


Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Latin American Studies, University of Manchester (2007)
  • Master of Arts in Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American Studies, University of Manchester (2003)
  • BA Double Honours in French and Spanish, University of Manchester (2001)

External roles

  • External examiner for Spanish at the University of Lincoln