Nina Dethlefs

Dr Nina Dethlefs


Faculty of Science and Engineering

01482 465079

Dr Dethlefs' research interests lie in computational linguistics, particularly in computational language learning for interactive systems and natural language generation.

She investigates machine learning models that can automatically extract linguistic patterns from data, and use these to understand and generate language in new contexts.

Dr Dethlefs is a member of the Computational Science Research Group, and a member of the Digital Centre.


Research Interests

  • Natural language processing

  • Machine learning

  • Data mining

Research groups

  • Computational Science Research Group

  • The Digital Centre

  • Big Data Analytics Research Group


Nina Dethlefs (to appear), 'Domain Transfer for Deep Natural Language Generation from Abstract Meaning Representations', IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, special issue on Natural Language Generation with Computational Intelligence.

Nina Dethlefs, Helen Hastie, Heriberto Cuayáhuitl, Yanchao Yu, Verena Rieser and Oliver Lemon (2016), 'Information Density and Overlaps in Spoken Dialogue', Computer Speech and Language, 37, pp. 82–97.

Nina Dethlefs and Heriberto Cuayáhuitl (2015), 'Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Situated Language Generation', Natural Language Engineering, 21, pp 391–435. Cambridge University Press.

Heriberto Cuayáhuitl, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová and Nina Dethlefs (2014), 'Non-Strict Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Interactive Systems and Robots', ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems, Vol. 4, No. 4.

Heriberto Cuayáhuitl and Nina Dethlefs (2011), 'Spatially-Aware Dialogue Control Using Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning', ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing, special issue on Machine Learning for Robust and Adaptive Spoken Dialogue Systems, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 1-26.


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Programming Paradigms

Distributed Systems Programming

Final Year Development Project

Research PhDs

  • Natural language processing

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Data mining

Current PhDs

Annika Schoene - PhD Cluster on Natural Computation for Big Data Analytics

Co-Supervision of George Lacey and Craig Maddra

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Academic qualifications

German Staatsexamen, PhD

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German Staatsexamen, PhD