Nicholas Evans

Dr Nicholas J Evans

Lecturer in Diaspora History

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education

01482 305187

Dr Nicholas J Evans is lecturer in diaspora history at the Queen’s Anniversary Prize-winning Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation at the University of Hull.

He uses the fruits of his academic research on voluntary and coerced migration to, through and from Britain to empower religious and ethnic minority communities both at home and abroad.

Aspects of his academic research on migration are on permanent display in museums in Antwerp, Cape Town, Hull, London, and Southampton. He is presently co-investigator of the AHRC 'Remember Me: The Changing Face of Memorialisation in the UK'.


Research Interests

  • Transmigration via the UK

  • Jewish migration

  • European emigration

Research groups


Nicholas J Evans, 'The Making of a Mosaic: Migration and the Port-city of Kingston upon Hull', in David Starkey et al (eds), Hull - Culture, History, Place, Liverpool University Press, pp 144-177 (2017)

Nicholas J Evans and Suzanne Schwarz, 'Pedagogical Responses to the Teaching of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its Diasporic Legacies in British Schools’, in Paul Lovejoy and Benjamin Bowser (eds), The Transatlantic Slave Trade and Slavery: Legacy and Approaches to Teaching, UNESCO and Africa World Press, pp 128-167 (2013)

Nicholas J Evans, ‘“A Strike for Racial Justice?” Transatlantic Shipping and the Jewish Diaspora, 18821939’, Journal of Jewish Culture and History, Volume 11, Nos 1+2, pp 18-32, ISSN 1462-169X (2009)

Nicholas J Evans, ‘State, Commerce and anti-Alienism: Balancing Britain’s interests in the Late Victorian Period’, in Eitan Bar-Yosef and Nadia Valman (eds), The ‘Jew’ in Late-Victorian and Edwardian Culture: From East End to East Africa, Palgrave, pp 80-97, ISBN 978-1-4039-9702 (2009)

Nicholas J Evans, Aubrey Newman, Graham Roberts and Saul Issroff, Jewish Migration to South Africa: The Records of the Poor Jews, Temporary Shelter, 1885-1914, Cape Town University Press, 568 pp (2006)

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • British History, 1688-1918

  • Exploring the Past

  • Heritage and Modern Warfare

  • Patterns of Prejudice in British History

  • A Millennium of Persecution: Jews & Anti-Semitism in Europe, 1000-1945

  • Gandhi to Mandela: The Rise and Fall of Apartheid, 1910-1994

  • Memory and Meaning

  • Heritage Planning, Policy and Practice

Research PhDs

  • Migration to, through and from Britain

  • Jews in the British world

  • Black heritage in the UK

  • South Africa

Completed PhDs 

  • Dr Ryan Hanley, Social and commercial influences on early black writing in Britain, 1770-1830 (2016)

  • Dr Lauren Darwin, Convict transportation in the age of Abolition, 1787-1807 (2017)

  • Dr Sam North, Reclaiming the Islamic legacies of anti-slavery in the post-Apartheid Cape, South Africa

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Frank Grombir, Second Generation Polish and Ukrainian Migrants to Northern Britain

  • Rebecca Nelson ,Legacies on Display: Antislavery in Museums

Teaching awards and accolades

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BA (Hons) in History, University of Leicester

  • PhD in History, University of Hull

External roles

Awards and accolades

Professional highlights

  • Dr Nicholas Evans has used a body of publications since 2000 to empower Hull's BME communities before and after the Brexit vote.

  • His research formed the basis for a major installation marking the opening of Hull's year as the 2017 UK City of Culture. Arrivals and Departures, projected onto The Deep, was watched every 15 minutes by an estimated 100,000 people during the first seven days of Hull's year in the cultural limelight.

  • Nine heritage plaques and markers across Hull, based upon Dr Evans' work,raise awareness of the city's role in mass European migration to America, Canada and South Africa between 1836 and 1914.

  • His work has been included in numerous television and radio documentaries with the BBC, ITV, RTE, SABC, NKH.

  • Other aspects of Dr Evans' work are on permanent display at Antwerp, Cape Town, Hull, London and Southampton.