Natalie Angelopoulos

Dr Natalie V Angelopoulos

Research Associate

Faculty of Science and Engineering

01482 466429

Dr Angelopoulos is a fisheries scientist who specialises in the conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

Working with industry and stakeholders, her research to date has worked towards European and UK freshwater fisheries policies covering topics such as best practice river restoration, invasive species, climate change and safe fish passage.


Research Interests

  • River restoration

  • Aquatic conservation

  • Climate change

  • Safe fish passage

  • Invasive species

  • Impact of anthropogenic pressures on freshwater ecosystems

Research groups

Hull International Fisheries Institute (HIFI)

  • EU H2020 CERES project: Climate change and European Aquatic RESources

  • EU H2020 FIThydro project: Fish-friendly Innovative Technologies for Hydropower

  • EU FP7 REFORM project: Restoring rivers for effective catchment management

  • EU FP6 IMPASSE project: Environmental Impacts of Invasive species in Aquaculutre

  • IWRM-net FORECASTER project: Facilitating the application of Output from Research and CAse STudies on Ecological Responses to hydro-morphological degradation and rehabilitation


Angelopoulos N V, Cowx I G and Buijse A D, 'Integrated planning framework for successful river restoration projects: Upscaling lessons learnt from European case studies', Environmental Science and Policy, 76, pp 12-22 (2017)

Friberg N, Angelopoulos N V, Buijse A D, Cowx I G, Kail J, Moe T F, Moir H, O’Hare M T, Verdonschot P F M and Wolter C, 'Effective River Restoration in the 21st Century: From Trial and Error to Novel Evidence-Based Approaches', Advances in Ecological Research, 55, pp 535-611, DOI: (2016)

Angelopoulos N, Cowx I G, Smith M, Buijse T, Smits S, van Geest G, Wolter C, Slawson D, Nichersu I, Constantinescu A, Staras M, Feodot J, van de Bund W, Brouwer R, Gonzalez M and García de Jalón D, 'Effects of climate and land use changes on river ecosystems and restoration practices', Part 1 Main report, FP7 project REstoring rivers FOR effective catchment Management (2015)

Reichert P, Paillex A, Schuwirth N, Schirmer M, Brouwer R, García de Jalón D, Smith M, Angelopoulos N, Cowx I G, Wolter C, Verdonschot P, 'Risks and Uncertainty in River Rehabilitation', D5.4., FP7 project REstoring rivers FOR effective catchment Management (2015)

Kail J and Angelopoulos N, 'Evaluation of hydromorphological restoration from existing data', D4.2, FP7 project REstoring rivers FOR effective catchment Management (2014)


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Ecosystem Assessment

  • Freshwater Fisheries and Conservation

  • 20 Credit Research Project

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Freshwater Fisheries, Identifying limitations of monitoring the success of river rehabilitation schemes for freshwater fish, University of Hull (2009-2012)

  • MSc by Research, Impact and management of invasive alien species in aquaculture, University of Hull (2007-2008)

  • BSc Biology, University of Hull (2003-2007)