Dr Ming Hou


Faculty of Science and Engineering


+44 (0) 1482 465063

Ming Hou is fascinated by intriguing phenomena of the physical world.

His research focuses on engineering and applied science across a wide range of disciplines.


Research Interests

  • General control system theory and applications
  • State observation / estimation schemes for dynamic systems
  • Signal processing
  • Modelling and analysis of static and dynamic physical variables
  • Bio-mechanics with applications in medical engineering
  • Data-driven learning of nonlinear manifolds

Research groups

  • Collaborative research with colleagues in the biomedical engineering centre and artificial intelligent machine learning group at Hull


G Mohammed and M Hou, 'Optimisation of Active Muscle Force-Length Models Using Least Squares Curve Fitting', IEEE Transactions On Biomedical Engineering, TBE-63, 630-635, 2016.

M Hou, 'Parameter identification of sinusoids', IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, TAC-57, 467–472, 2012.

M Hou, 'Estimation of sinusoidal frequencies and amplitudes using adaptive identifier and observer', IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, TAC-52, 493-499, 2007.



Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Engineering mathematics
  • Control systems and analysis
  • Robotics and control
  • State-space and nonlinear control
  • Machine vision
  • Advanced process control

Research PhDs

Dr Hou welcomes applications in

  • Modelling and control of dynamic systems
  • Bio-mechanics with applications in human posture control
  • Machine learning of nonlinear phenomenon for pattern recognition

Completed PhDs

  • Lam Cheah
  • Amartya Ganguly
  • Goran Mohammed

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • MEng (Xian)
  • DEng (Wuppertal)