mark slater

Dr Mark Slater

Senior Lecturer in Music and Director of Music

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education
  • School of The Arts


Mark Slater is a composer, producer and musicologist with an interest in the processes of how music is made, usually including uses of technology and improvisation in some way.

Whether working as a composer or producer, Dr Slater's work is fuelled by an exploration of spontaneity and collaboration - regardless of style. The focus of his music-making is on celebrating the abilities and idiosyncrasies of the musicians he works with.

As a writer, he interrogates the patterns and processes of music-making from theoretical and philosophical perspectives to understand something about what's going on when people make music.

Digital Artefact

Nightports, 'Depart'

Slater, M., & Martin, A. (2015). Nightports, 'Depart'

Nightports, 'Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne'

Slater, M., Martin, A., & Bourne, M. (2018). Nightports, 'Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne'

Journal Article

Nests, arcs and cycles in the lifespan of a studio project

Slater, M. (2015). Nests, arcs and cycles in the lifespan of a studio project. Popular music, 34(1), 67-93.

Locating project studios and studio projects

Slater, M. (2016). Locating project studios and studio projects. Journal of the Royal Musical Association, 141(1), 167-202.

A conceptual foundation for understanding musico-technological creativity

Slater, M., & Martin, A. (2012). A conceptual foundation for understanding musico-technological creativity. Journal of Music, Technology and Education, 5(1), 59-76. doi:10.1386/jmte.5.1.59_1

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Slater welcomes applications for PhD research in the areas of composition, production, the aesthetics and poetics of record production, and collaborative creativity.

Completed PhDs

- ?Lewis Kennedy, Functions of Genre in Metal and Hardcore Music (musicology)

- Jamie Moore, Robert Glasper's Black Radio: Issues of Style and Identity, University of Hull, 2017 (performance element).

- Rowan Oliver, Rebecoming Analogue: Groove, Breakbeats and Sampling, University of Hull, 2015 (2nd supervisor).

- Niall Thomas, How Has the Development of Technology Influenced Recorded Heavy Metal, University of Hull, 2015 (2nd supervisor).

- Adam Martin, Music Producers in 21st Century Britain: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, University of Hull, 2014

Current PhD supervisions

- Sandy Clark, The Water Fairy (composition)

- George Marshall, Music for Games and Original Instrumental Compositions (composition)

- Stuart McCallum, Collaboration and Ambisonic Composition in Popular Music (composition & production)

- Brice Catherin, Designing New Musical Works as Fairer Social Models (composition)

- Brett Gordon, Sculpting Sound: the Composer's Relationship with Sound Material in Electroacoustic Music (2nd supervisor)