Marco Cattaneo

Dr Marco E G V Cattaneo

Lecturer/ Head of Mathematics

Faculty of Science and Engineering

01482 466566

Marco is the Head of Mathematics. His speciality is statistics, and in particular its foundations, which are an interdisciplinary research field involving mathematical models of uncertain knowledge and their use in decision making.


Research Interests

  • Foundations of statistics

  • Likelihood theory

  • Probabilistic graphical models

  • Robust statistics

  • Regression with interval data

  • Nonadditive measures


Modules list

  • Analysis

  • Statistical Inference and Methods

  • Mathematical Project

  • Advanced Statistical Methods

  • Advanced Game and Decision Theory

Research PhDs

Marco welcomes applications in all fields of statistics and uncertainty management. Potential PhD research projects include

  • uncertainty quantification in graphical models

  • an axiomatic approach to likelihood decision making

  • support Vector Machines for interval data

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Mathematics (ETH Zurich)