Lynn Cawkwell

Dr Lynn Cawkwell

Senior Lecturer in Cancer Genetics

Faculty of Health Sciences

01482 461850

Dr Lynn Cawkwell has been a lecturer in cancer genetics at the University of Hull since 1999.

She is also a member of the Joint Centre for Cancer Studies at Hull York Medical School and has responsibility for the Daisy Tumour Bank at Castle Hill Hospital.

Dr Cawkwell's research concerns the identification and validation of cancer biomarkers.

She gained her BSc in Genetics from the University of Liverpool before completing a PhD in Molecular Oncology at the University of Leeds, School of Medicine, where she went on to a postdoctoral appointment in molecular pathology.


Research Interests

The application of cancer proteomics to

  • identify biomarkers of response to anticancer therapy

  • identify novel therapy targets or therapy strategies

  • investigate the molecular mechanism of action of novel anticancer agents

Research groups

  • University of Hull (Professor Michael Lind, novel therapy targets for malignant pleural mesothelioma)

  • Castle Hill Hospital, Hull (Dr David Allsup, prognostic biomarkers in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia)

  • Newcastle University (Professor James Allan, prognostic biomarkers in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia)

  • University of Liverpool (Dr Joseph Slupsky, prognostic biomarkers in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia)

  • University of Bradford (Dr Chris Sutton, cancer biomarker discovery using mass spectrometry)


T T Lin, K Norris, N H Heppel, G Pratt, J M Allan, D J Allsup, J Bailey, L Cawkwell, R Hills, J W Grimstead, R E Jones, B Britt-Compton, C Fegan, D M Baird, C Pepper. 'Telomere dysfunction accurately predicts clinical outcome in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, even in patients with early stage disease'. British Journal of Haematology 167: 214-223 (2014).

E Kashuba, G L Eagle, J Bailey, P Evans, K J Welham, D Allsup, L Cawkwell. 'Proteomic analysis of B-cell receptor signalling pathways in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia reveals a possible role for kininogen'. Journal of Proteomics 91: 478-485 (2013)

V Agarwal, V C Hodgkinson, G L Eagle, L Scaife, M J Lind, L Cawkwell. 'Proteomic (antibody microarray) exploration of the molecular mechanism of action of the specific COX-2 inhibitor DuP 697'. International Journal of Oncology 42:1088-1092 (2013)

V C Hodgkinson, V Agarwal, D ELFadl, J N Fox, P L McManus, T K Mahapatra, P J Kneeshaw, P J Drew, M J Lind, L Cawkwell. 'Pilot and feasibility study: comparative proteomic analysis by 2-DE MALDI TOF/TOF MS reveals 14-3-3 proteins as putative biomarkers of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in ER-positive breast cancer'. Journal of Proteomics 75: 2745-2752 (2012)

V C Hodgkinson, D ELFadl, V Agarwal, V Garimella, C Russell, E D Long, J N Fox, P L McManus, T K Mahapatra, P J Kneeshaw, P J Drew, M J Lind, L Cawkwell. 'Proteomic identification of predictive biomarkers of resistance to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in luminal breast cancer: a possible role for 14-3-3 theta/tau and tBID?', Journal of Proteomics 75: 1276-1283 (2012).


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Foundations for Medicine (Hull York Medical School)

  • Cancer Scholarship and Special Interest Programme (Hull York Medical School)

  • Disease Processes(Hull York Medical School)

  • Skills for Human and Biomedical and Human Biology Sciences

  • Laboratory Project 60 credits

  • Current Topics in Biomedical Science

  • Ethics in Biomedicine/Clinical Statistics (Module Leader)

  • Research Skills in the Biosciences

  • Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer

  • Organ-Specific Cancers: Bench-to-Bedside (Module Leader)

  • Oncology Research Skills

  • Ethics in Oncology/Clinical Statistics (Module Leader)

  • Research Project & Dissertation 60 credits

  • Molecular Genetics and Proteomics

  • Research Skills

  • Professional & Research Skills for Biomedical Scientists

  • Biological Basis of Disease

  • Cellular Pathology

  • Clinical Chemistry

  • Research Project 20 credits

  • Research Project 40 credits

  • Cancer Biology

  • Reviews in Biology and Biomedical Sciences

  • Reviews in Biochemistry

Research PhDs

Dr Cawkwell welcomes applications in cancer biobanking, cancer biomarker discovery and cancer biomarker validation.

She welcomes applicants with experience in cancer biomarkers, biomarker discovery or cancer biobanking and specific knowledge of proteomics, bioinformatics, radiotherapy resistance, rectal cancer oesophageal or chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

The techniques used in the laboratory are biobanking, histology, tissue microarrays, immunohistochemistry, proteomics, protein assays and bioinformatics. At the time of appointment, specific projects will be offered in line with ongoing research in the group.

Completed PhDs

  • Dr Helen Berrieman, Resistance to chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer

  • Dr Mark Watson, Molecular markers of response to breast cancer therapy

  • Dr Laura Smith, The proteomic analysis of resistance to anticancer therapy in human breast cancer

  • Dr Gina Eagle, The proteomic analysis of B-cell receptor signaling in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

  • Dr James Bailey, The proteomic analysis of signalling pathways in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

  • Dr Victoria Hodgkinson, The identification of biomarkers of chemotherapy resistance in breast cancer using comparative proteomics

  • Dr Lucy Scaife, Proteomic identification of putative biomarkers of radiotherapy resistance

  • Dr Vijay Agarwal, The significance of the EGFR pathway in malignant pleural mesothelioma

  • Dr Elena Kashuba, The kinin-kallikrein system in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

  • Dr Bashak Onal, Towards developing a screening assay for predicting biomarkers of radioresistance

  • Dr Lily Oguh, EGFR and related therapeutic targets in malignant pleural mesothelioma

  • Mr Richard Baker, MD, Genetic Analysis of Colorectal Cancer

  • Mr Luke Condon, MD, The role of chromosome 22 in the progression of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

  • Mr Paul Nix, MD, Radioresistant Laryngeal Cancer

  • Miss Nala Sivarajasingham, MD, Role of chromosome 13 in colorectal cancer

  • Mr Edward Smyth, MD, An immunohistochemical investigation into the basis for improved survival in mismatch repair deficient colonic cancers

  • Miss Harriet Patmore, MD, Cytogenetic analysis of head and neck cancer

  • Mr Veerabhadram Garimella, MD, Molecular heterogeneity of multifocal invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast

  • Mr Justin Murphy, MD, Biomarkers of radioresistance in oral cancer

  • Miss Alexandra Murray, MD, Novel anti-endothelial therapeutic strategies in malignant melanoma – the metronomic approach

  • Miss Dalia ELFadl, MD, Proteomic identification and validation of biomarkers associated with resistance to radiotherapy in breast cancer

  • Mr Omar Tillo, MD, Endothelial Microparticles in the Plasma of Renal Cancer Patients Treated With Sunitinib

  • Mr Sajid Mehmood, MD, Identification of putative biomarkers of resistance to radiotherapy in rectal cancer

  • Mr Tasadooq Hussain, MD, Proteomic identification of putative biomarkers of neoadjuvant chemotherapy resistance in luminal (ER+) breast cancer

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Miss Sharjeela Tariq, MD, The investigation of novel drug targets in mesothelioma

Teaching awards and accolades

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD (Molecular Oncology), School of Medicine, University of Leeds (1998)

  • BSc (Hons) Genetics, University of Liverpool (1988)

External roles

  • Human Tissue Authority Person Designated, Daisy Tumour Bank (Castle Hill Hospital)

  • Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust Human Tissue Authority Committee member

  • Ex-Chair, Humber Bridge Research Ethics Committee (NHS Health Research Authority)