Luke Jones

Dr Luke Jones

Lecturer in Sports Coaching/ Collaborative provision - academic contact for local partner colleges

Faculty of Health Sciences

01482 464139

Dr Luke Jones’ main area of expertise involves problematising entrenched coaching knowledge and practices.

He was awarded his BA and MA degrees by the University of Bath, before completing his PhD at the University of Alberta.

For his PhD, Dr Jones utilised the disciplinary analysis of Michel Foucault to explore enforced retirement from football in a thesis entitled The End of the Road?: Discipline and retirement in British professional and semi-professional football.

His current research uses Foucauldian theory to investigate the unintended consequences of the ubiquitous use of surveillance technologies in professional football.


Research Interests

  • Sports coaching

  • Sports sociology


Denison, J., & Jones, L. (accepted article), 'Coaching with Foucault: problematising sports’ disciplinary logic to re-imagine effective coaching’: An introduction', Sports Coaching Review

Jones, L., & Denison, J. (accepted article), 'A socio-cultural perspective surrounding the application of GPS technology: Some suggestions for the Strength and Conditioning coach', Strength & Conditioning Journal

Jones, L., Marshall, P., & Denison, J. (2016), 'Health and well-being implications surrounding the use of wearable GPS devices in professional rugby league: A Foucauldian disciplinary analysis of the normalised use of a common surveillance aid, Performance Enhancement and Health, 5, pp 38-49

Jones, L., & Toner, J. (2016), 'Surveillance technologies as ‘Instruments of discipline’ in the elite

sports coaching context: A cautionary post-structural commentary', Sensoria, 12 (2), pp 13-21

Toner, J., & Jones, L., & Moran, A. (2016), 'Bodily crises in skilled performance: Considering

the need for artistic habits', Performance Enhancement and Health, 4, pp 50-57


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Preparation for Learning in Sport Health and Exercise Science

  • Contemporary Issues in Sports Coaching Pedagogy

  • Coaching in Society

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BA Sports Coaching, University of Bath

  • MA Education and Sports Coaching, University of Bath

  • PhD Philosophy of Sport, University of Alberta, Canada