kevin paulson

Dr Kevin Paulson

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Science and Engineering

+44 (0) 1482 465118

Kevin Paulson was the first in the world to find evidence of the effects of climate change on radio telecommunications and was co-author of the UK's Climate Change Evidence Report 2017.

His main area of expertise is in stochastic signal processing which he is applying to medical engineering and radio propagation.

Dr Paulson is a member of ITU-R UK Study Group 3 coordinating propagation studies. More recently he has focused on the analysis of ECG and EEG signals measured with ambulatory systems.


Research Interests

  • The effects of climate change on radio telecommunications
  • Broad-scale models of rain for engineering applications
  • Electrical impedance spectroscopy for clinical applications
  • Signalprocessing for ambulatory EEG and ECG
  • Development of novel meteorological instruments
  • Telehealth systems for people living with mild dementia

Research groups

  • CAREGIVERSPRO-MMD - Co-PI on Horizon 2020 funded project developing a social networking platform for people living with dementia and their supporters
  • ITU-R UK SG3 - Coordinating propagation studies, data and models with the ITU-R and Ofcom


Paulson K S, Gosling S, Chapman L, Darch G, Watson G, Powrie W, Bell S, Hughes P, Wood R, UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017, Infrastructure, Richard Dawson (ed) (2017)

Paulson K S, Boulanger X, Castanet L, Gremont B, Yang G, Jeannin N, Kanellopoulos J D, Kourogiorgas C I, Lacoste F, Luini L, Marzano F S, Matricciani E, Panagopoulos A, Pierdicca N, Mattioli V, 'Statistical Issues for Propagation Effects and Climatological Parameters', Final Report of EU COST IC0802 Propagation Tools and Data for Integrated Telecommunication, Navigation and Earth Observation Systems, Riva C (ed) (2011)

Paulson K S, 'Estimating One-Minute Rain Rate Distributions from Numerical Weather Prediction', Radio Science, 52, pp 176-184, DOI: 10.1002/2016RS006111 (2017)

Paulson K S, Ranatunga C and Bellerby T, 'A Method to Estimate Trends in Distributions of One-Minute Rain Rates From NWP Data', Radio Science, 50, pp 931–940, DOI: 10.1002/2015RS005651 (2015)

Paulson K S, 'Evidence of Trends in Rain Event Size Effecting Trends in Rain Fade', Radio Science, 51, pp 142-149, DOI: 10.1002/2015RS005832 (2016)

Paulson K S, Jouravleva S and McLeod C N, 'Dielectric Relaxation Time Spectroscopy', IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, vol 47, no 11, pp 1510-1517 (2000)

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Engineering Mathematics 2
  • Communications and Control I
  • Communications and Control II
  • Communications and Control III
  • Communications and Optoelectronics
  • RF and Microwave Devices, Techniques and Measurement
  • Radio Systems Laboratory and Microwave Design

MSc Projects

  • Instrumentation and RF Circuits
  • Control and Advanced Electromagnetism
  • Optoelectronics and Analogue Communications
  • Vector Mathematics and Digital Communications
  • Digital Coding and RF Circuits

Research PhDs

Dr Paulson currently has as many PhD students as he can manage.

Completed PhDs

  • Duan T, Electrode Drivers for Electrical Impedance Tomography (1996)
  • Jouraleva S, Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy for Tissue (2001)
  • Usman I, Predicting the Performance of Route Diversity Telecommunications Networks (2004)
  • Mung'au F, Channel Optimisation in MINO OFDM Systems (2008)
  • Zhang X, A Simulation Tool of Terrestrial Microwave Telecommunications Networks (2008)
  • Winder P, An Acoutic Water Tank Rain Disdrometer (2010)
  • Basarudin H, Simulation of Slant-Path Microwave Telecommunications Networks (2011)
  • Ranatunga C, A Global Model of Trends in Rain Rate for Telecommunications Regulation (2014)
  • Chinda I, Telecommunications Simulation by Optimised Rain Field Selection (2015)

Current PhD supervisions

  • Torabi M, Signal Processing of Ambulatory ECG
  • M Ghamsyam M, A Lab-on-Chip Electical Impedance Spectroscopy System for Tissue
  • Alfahad O, Signal Processing of Ambulatory ECG
  • Sule S, Ground Penetrating Radar for Anti-Personel Demining Using Full Wave Inversion
  • Alatawi M, Automated Nutrition Monitoring by Image Processing
  • Rimvin G, Rain Rate Distrinbutions in the Tropics For Radio Regulation


Teaching awards and accolades

  • DipTHE, 1992
  • FHEA

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BSc in Physics from the University of Auckland (1983)
  • MSc in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Auckland (1985)
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics from Oxford Brookes University (1991)

External roles

  • Ofcom Fixed Service Task group
  • Ofcom Fixed Wireless Industry Liaison Forum
  • ITU-R UK SG3

Awards and accolades

  • CPhys and FInstP

Professional highlights

  • Co-author of the UK Climate Change Evidence Report 2017.
  • Co-author of the final report of EU COST Action IC0802.