Justin Morris

Justin Morris

Senior Lecturer/ Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Faculty of Business, Law and Politics


01482 465961

Justin Morris is Senior Lecturer in the School of Law and Politics at the University of Hull. He was Head of the (then) Department of Politics and International Studies from 2007-13.

His primary research interests include 'great power' politics and the notion of great power responsibility; the UN Security Council; and the responsibility to protect, specifically in relation to forcible intervention, topics on which he has authored a number of articles.


Research Interests

  • International relations

  • UN Security Council

  • Great power politics

  • Responsibility to protect


(With N. J. Wheeler), ‘The Responsibility Not to Veto: A Responsibility too Far?’, in A. J. Bellamy and T. Dunne (eds.), Oxford Handbook on the Responsibility to Protect, (Oxford: OUP, 2016), pp 227-46.

‘The Responsibility to Protect and the Use of Force: Remaking the Procrustean Bed?’, Cooperation and Conflict, Vol 51(2), 2016.

‘The Responsibility to Protect and the Great Powers: The Tensions of Dual Responsibility’, Global Responsibility to Protect, Vol 7(3/4), 2015, pp 401-24.

‘Libya and Syria: R2P and the Spectre of the Swinging Pendulum’, International Affairs, Vol 89(5), 2013, pp 1265-83.

‘From “Peace by Dictation” to International Organisation: Great Power Responsibility and the Creation of the United Nations’, International History Review, Vol 35(3), 2013, pp 511-33.

‘How Great is Britain? Power, Responsibility and Britain’s Future Global Role’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Vol 13(3), 2011, pp 326-47.


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Introduction to International Relations

  • The United Nations and Global Security

  • International Relations Theory

  • Being Great

  • International Relations in Theory and Practice

Research PhDs

Justin Morris welcomes enquiries from prospective PhD students interested in working in the following areas: great power politics and responsibility; the United Nations Security Council, especially permanent membership; responsibility to protect; the English School of international relations theory.

Completed PhDs

Currently co-supervising doctoral research in genocide in Kurdistan ECOWAS, multiple hegemony and counter-terrorism.

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • LLB (CNAA)

  • MA (University of Hull)

External roles

External examiner:

  • University of Westminster

  • University of Glasgow (tbc)

Professional highlights

  • Secretary, British International Studies Association (1997-2003)

  • Visiting Scholar, Department of International Politics, University of Aberystwyth (2010-11)

  • Member of the United Nations Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Advisory Panel (2006-)