John Elliott

Dr John W Elliott

Lecturer in Mathematics/ Admissions officer

Faculty of Science and Engineering

01482 465145

Most of John Elliott's life is centred about the University of Hull.

His research interest lies in the general area of fluid mechanics. Although this covers a very wide range of research activity, his main expertise lies in high Reynolds number viscous flows.

Dr Elliott's initial interest was with regard the phenomena of boundary layer separation, both for steady-state and unsteady flows.

He is also interested in fluid problems involving heat and mass transfer. This emanates from his PhD thesis (under Eric Watson) an investigation into the melting of ice-shapes.


Research Interests

  • Fluid mechanics

  • High Reynolds number viscous flows

  • Boundary layer separation

  • Fluid problems involving heat and mass transfer

Research groups

Research Group: Applied Mathematics

  • Collaborated with Prof F T Smith (UCL), Dr A Bassom (Exeter), and a research student (M Strange) on boundary layer studies. This work led to a research consultancy with BAE (Brough), to establish a set of numerical codes to solve the compressible Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations.

  • Collaborated with Prof G Poots (Hull) on fluid problems involving heat and mass transfer, with particular regard to freezing, and with a research student (P Flood) on the effect of icing on cables with separated flow.

  • Collaborated with Prof. A Cummings, in the Department of Engineering, in the study of acoustic waves, with a EPSRC-funded research studentship (S. Witty) investigation of tones heard in corrugated pipes.

  • Collaborated with Prof. V. Kopiev on research into jet noise from corrugated nozzles. This work was continued with a research student (S. Thomas). He has also helped with supervision student (M. Burton) into the study of Bernard convection in liquid-crystals.

  • Recently worked with Prof F T Smith to consider the effect of supercooled water droplets impacting with both rigid walls and thin water layers, with particular regard to the icing of helicopter rotors.


Elliott J.W & Smith F.T. (2015) 'Ice formation on a smooth or rough cold surface due to the impact of a supercooled water droplet', J. Eng. Math.

Ostrikov N.N., Kopiev V.F. & Elliott J.W. (2004) 'Aeroacoustics of a supersonic jet issued from corrugated nozzle: new approach and prospects', Int. J. of Aeroacoustics, Vol 3, No 3, pp. 199-228.

Elliott J.W. (2000) 'The axisymmetric compressible boundary layer flow along a circular cylinder', J. Appl. Mech. Eng, Vol. 5, No.3, pp. 715-751.

Elliott J.W. & Strange M.E. (2000) 'Viscous-inviscid interactions for surface-cooled axisymmetric boundary-layer flows', J. Appl. Mech. Eng, Vol.5, No 4, pp. 923-957.

Elliott J.W. & Bassom A.P. (2000), 'The effect of wall cooling on compressible Gortler vortices', Eur. J. Mech. B/Fluids, Vol. 19, Pt1, pp. 37-68.


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Calculus

  • Mechanics,

  • Vector & Linear Algebra

  • Vector Calculus

  • Complex Variable Theory

  • Mathematical Modelling

  • Numerical Analysis

  • Fluid Dynamics

  • Partial Differential Equations

  • Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations

  • Optimisation

  • Further Fluid Dynamics

  • Waves

  • Asymptotics

  • Engineering Mathematics (!st & 2nd year)

  • Engineering Fluid Dynamics (2nd & 3rd year)

Research PhDs

Dr Elliott welcomes students in the area of fluid mechanics.

Completed PhDs

  • Peter Flood

  • Mike Strange

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, University of Manchester (1981)

  • BSc (Hons) in Mathematics (1st), University of Manchester (1978)

External roles

  • External PhD Examiner at UCL, Exeter, Leeds, Manchester.