Dr John R Williams

Teaching Fellow in Analytical Chemistry/ Director of Student Recruitment for Chemistry

Faculty of Science and Engineering


01482 465101

Dr John Williams is an established academic with a background in analytical chemistry.

After his PhD studies, he became a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Leeds and, since then, has had 15 years of experience of university teaching, in the UK and overseas.

He was a lecturer and then Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Sultan Qaboos University in the Sultanate of Oman.

Upon his return to the UK, Dr Williams became a teaching fellow at the University of Hull.

He has published 30 articles and is on the editorial board of the Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment.


Research Interests

  • Analytical chemistry

  • Sample pretreatment

  • Extraction and analysis of pharmaceuticals

  • Elemental uptake by plants

  • Chemical education

Research groups

  • Collaborated with the College of Agriculture at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) on a funded project on metalloid accumulation in the date palm, an economically-important tree in the Arabian Gulf.

  • Worked with his research group at SQU on a study of the microwave-assisted solvent extraction (MASE) of pharmaceuticals from rodent food and tablets.

  • Currently working with collaborators in the Middle East on several research projects connected to the chemical analysis of environmental samples.


'Heavy metals and the alternate bearing effect in the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera)', J. R. Williams and A. E. Pillay, Journal of Environmental Protection, 2015, 6(9), 995-1002

'Development of distribution coefficients for extracted metals from environmental samples in aqueous acidic media', J. R. Williams and A. E. Pillay, Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, 2014, 18(2), 88-93

'Rapid liquid nitrogen pre-treatment of gels, waxes and pastes for deep-UV depth-profiling studies (ICP-MS)', A. E. Pillay, S. Stephen, A. Abd-Elhameed and J. R. Williams, Canadian Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences, 2013, 7, 2549-2555

'ICP-MS study of trace elemental build-up in solid pharmaceuticals: potential environmental and biomedical impact', J. R. Williams, A. E. Pillay and S. Stephen, Canadian Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences, 2012, 6, 2135-2141

'Metals, metalloids and toxicity in date palms: potential environmental impact', J. R. Williams and A. E. Pillay, Journal of Environmental Protection, 2011, 2(5), 592-600


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

Lecture courses

  • The ‘Introduction to Spectroscopy’ and 'Introduction to Chromatography' sections

  • The 'Analytical/Physical Chemistry' section

  • The 'Advanced Separations' section


  • The Chemistry workshops

  • The 'Written Communication' section

  • The 'Employability Skills' and 'Oral Communication Skills' section

  • The 'Forensic Workshop' section

Laboratory classes

  • 1st year general chemistry labs

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BSc (Brighton)

  • MSc (Loughborough)

  • PhD (Keele)

Awards and accolades

  • Hull University Union Student Led Teaching Awards 2014: Winner of the Innovative Teaching Award