Jane M Reed

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Faculty of Science and Engineering


+44 (0) 1482 466061

Jane Reed came to Hull as a Leverhulme Special Research Fellow in 1999, and stayed. She holds a PhD from UCL.


Research Interests

  • Reconstruction of Quaternary climate change in the circum-Mediterranean region
  • The ancient lakes of Ohrid and Ioannina (Macedonia and Greece)
  • The environmental and human history of northeastern Spain

Research groups

2004-date: International Continental Drilling Programme (ICDP) Scientific Collaboration on Past Speciation Conditions in Lake Ohrid (SCOPSCO), led by Cologne and Giessen, a group of ca. 30 European scientists.

2004-date: The Lake Ioannina Working Group (UCL, St Andrews, Sussex, Cambridge, Chester).

2013-date: SFB-project CRC 806, 'Our Way to Europe' (Bonn, Aachen, Heidelberg, Potsdam).

2009-date: Various Spanish Government-funded projects to reconstruct Holocene landscape history and human occupation in NE Spain, in collaboration with researchers in universities of Catalonia. Current research focuses on the Barcelona region, led by Santi Riera-Mora (Barcelona).

2017-date: Metacommunities. University of Valencia in collaboration with scientists in Spain, Canada and Costa Rica.


Reed J M et al, 'Climate Variability in SE Europe since 1450 AD Based on a Varved Sediment Record from Etoliko Lagoon (Western Greece)', Quaternary Science Reviews, 159, pp 63-76 (2017)

Reed J M et al, 'The Environmental and Evolutionary History of Lake Ohrid (FYROM/Albania): Interim Results from the SCOPSCO Deep Drilling Project', Biogeosciences, 14, pp 2033-2054 (2017)

Reed J M et al, 'Coastal Evolution in a Mediterranean Microtidal Zone: Mid to Late Holocene Natural Dynamics and Human Management of the Castello Lagoon, NE Spain', PLOS ONE 11, article no e0155446, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0155446 (2016)

Reed J M et al, 'Western Mediterranean Climate and Environment since Marine Isotope Stage 3: a 50,000-Year Record from Lake Banyoles, Spain', Journal of Paleolimnology, 55, pp 113-128, DOI: 10.1007/s10933-015-9868-9 (2016)

Reed J M et al, 'Complexity of Diatom Response to Lateglacial and Holocene Climate and Environmental Change in Ancient, Deep and Oligotrophic Lake Ohrid (Macedonia and Albania)', Biogeosciences, 13, pp 1351-1365, DOI: 10.5194/bg-13-1351-2016 (2016)

Full list


Research PhDs

Having moved to a part-time research contract, Jane's research capacity is currently full.

Completed PhDs

  • Xiaosen Zhang. Diatom-based reconstruction of multi-timescale climate and environmental change from Lakes Dojran and Ohrid in the northeastern Mediterranean region (2015). Hull CSC scholar. 
  • Aleksandra Cvetkoska, Diatoms as Palaeoclimate Indicators in Lake Prespa (Macedonia/Greece), external supervisor for University of Skopje, Macedonia (2014)
  • Kevin Woodbridge, Geomorphology and Palaeoenvironments of SE Iran, comm. member (2014)
  • Zuze Dulanya, Water Quality Impacts on Shallow-Water Fisheries of Malawi, British Commonwealth Split-Site Scholarship for one year’s PhD study (2013)
  • Simon Kitcher, Palynological Investigation of the White Peak, Derbyshire, comm. member (2013)
  • Tim Jones, Holocene Lake-Level Change in Lake Ioannina, NW Greece, NERC, external supervisor for University of Leeds (2010)

Current PhD supervisions

  • Robyn Seymour-Jones, Diatom-Climate Response Thresholds in Contrasting Lake Systems, Institute of Energy and Environment, Hull (2017- )
  • Slavica Tofilovska, Skopje, Macedonia, MRes, Diatom-Palaeoclimate Reconstruction during MIS11 in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia / Albania (2015- )
  • Qian Zho, A GIS and Field-Based Study of Fluorosis in NW China, CSC China, committee member (2014- )
  • Hannah Vossel, Late Quaternary Diatom-Based Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction in Lake Kinneret, Israel, external supervisor for University of Bonn, Germany (2013- )

Teaching awards and accolades

  • PGCE
  • Fellow of HEA

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • NERC PhD in Geography, UCL with Rick Battarbee’s Environmental Change Research Centre, 1995
  • BSc in Archaeology, first class, University College London, 1991.