Helga Bartles-Hardege

Dr Helga Bartels-Hardege

Teaching Fellow/ Programme Leader, Foundation Year

Faculty of Science and Engineering


01482 466443

Helga Bartels-Hardege has been interested in chemical communication of marine invertebrates throughout her university career and is keen to transfer this enthusiasm to university and school students alike via research-led teaching and authentic science projects.


Research Interests

  • Chemical signals in marine invertebrates

  • Impact of ocean acidification on chemical communication

  • Workplace and problem based learning

  • Authentic science projects in schools

Research groups

Member of the Chemical Ecology research group (with Joerg Hardege and Thomas Breithaupt), studying the nature of chemical signals and their role in mate choice, kin recognition and reproductive isolation.

Scholarship in Teaching and Learning (with Katherine Hubbard and Dominic Henri)

Member of the Foundation Year Network, a UK-wide network of foundation year practitioners with yearly meetings, promoting scholarly activities and the exchange of good practice.


Coulter J P, Bartels-Hardege H, Gennard D E, Mill P J, Cowell A, John E A & Hayes W (2016), 'Aeshna Grandis Larvae Detect Chemical Cues Derived from Carrion: Evidence of Chemically-Mediated Food Detection? (Odonata: Aeshnidae)', Odonatologica 45(3/4) 2016: 191-212.

Hardege J D, Bartels-Hardege H D, Fletcher N, Terschak M, Harley J, Smith M, Davidson L, Hayden D, Müller C T, Lorch M, Welham K, Walther T &. Bublitz R (2011), 'Identification of a Female Sex Pheromone in Carcinus Maenas', Marine Ecology Progress Series, 436:177-189 (IF: 2.630).

Sutton R, Bolton E, Bartels-Hardege H D, Eswards M, Reish D J, Hardege J D (2005), 'Chemical Signal Mediated Premating Reproductive Isolation in a Marine Polychaete, Neanthes Acuminata (Arenaceodentata)', Journal of Chemical Ecology 31, 1865-1876.

Hardege J D, Bartels-Hardege H, Muller C T & Beckmann M (2004), 'Peptide Pheromones in Female Nereis Succinea', Peptides 25, 1517-1522.


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Cellular and Molecular Basis of Biology

  • Preparation for Learning in Higher Education

  • Biology in Context Group Project

  • Skills for Biology

  • Skills for Biomedical Science and Human Biology

  • Diversity of Life

  • Biology in Education

  • Research project

  • Reviews in Biology

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BSc Biology, University of Oldenburg, Germany

  • M.Sc.(first class), Biology, University of Oldenburg, Germany

  • Dr. rer. nat. (2.1., cum laude), Biology, University of Oldenburg, Germany

External roles

  • Academic contact for collaborative provision at Bishop Burton College and Barnsley College

  • External Examiner Sheffield University