Haeeb Shabbir

Dr Haseeb Shabbir

Senior Lecturer/ Subject Group Head - Marketing and Business Strategy

Faculty of Business, Law and Politics


01482 463197

Dr Haseeb Shabbir is the Subject Group Head for Marketing and Business Strategy and responsible for the group’s administration and strategic direction.

Passionate about marketing ethics, peace marketing and fundraising, his work has also appeared in leading marketing journals (e.g. Journal of Service Research, Journal of Advertising, Psychology & Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, etc).

In recognition for his commitment to fundraising research, Haseeb was appointed as one of the national examiners for the Institute of Fundraising.


Research Interests

  • Marketing Ethics

  • Peace Marketing

  • Fundraising

Research groups

  • WU Executive Academy, Austria with Professor Bodo Schlegelmilch on Marketing Ethics

  • Hartsook Centre of Sustainable Philanthropy, University of Plymouth, with Professors Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang on Philanthropic Psychology.

  • Kotler Impact on Peace Marketing


Md Isa N, Colmekcioglu N, Shabbir H A, Aktar P, Mirza M and Jabbar A (forthcoming), 'Testing the Spiritual Paradigm of Sustainability in Message Framing - An Investigation of Pro-Recycling Attitude Formation', Management Decision.

Mostafa R B, Lages C R, Shabbir H A, and Thwaites D (2015), 'Corporate Image: A Service Recovery Perspective', Journal of Service Research, 18(4), 468-483.

Hyman M R, Shabbir H A, Chari S and Oikonomou A (2014), 'Anti-Child-Abuse Ads: Believability and Willingness-To-Act', Journal of Social Marketing, 4 (1), 58-76.

Shabbir H A, Hyman M R, Reast J and Palihawadana D (2014), 'Deconstructing Subtle Racist Imagery in Television Ads', Journal of Business Ethics, 123 (3), 421-436.

For a complete list of Dr Shabbir's publications, please follow this link.


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Social and Not for Profit Marketing

  • International Marketing

  • Marketing

  • Overseas MBA

Research PhDs

  • Marketing ethics

  • Peace marketing

  • Fundraising research

Completed PhDs 

Selected examples

  • Moral Identity Framing Effects on Anti-Consumption of Halal Endorsed Products

  • Consumer Interactivity and Engagement in Online Retail Contexts

  • Spiritual Framing Effects on Pro-Recycling Attitude Formation Drivers of ICT Adoption in Saudi NGOs

  • Antecedents of Consumer Alienation towards Halal Consumption

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Determining the Enablers and Barriers for Peace Marketing

  • Counter Terrorism Branding - A Conventional Branding Theory

  • Perspective Use of Digital Media for Well Being and Health Mapping

  • Marketing and Policy Making of Anti-Child Abuse in India

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Marketing (University of Leeds)

  • MSc in Marketing (University of Huddersfield)

External roles

  • Examiner for Institute of Fundraising, UK

  • Advisor to Commission on the Donor Experience

Professional highlights

  • Honorary recipient of the International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising, the world’s most advanced training qualification for professional fundraisers

  • Chair of World's First 'Special Session' on Peace Marketing, at and Co-Chair of Academy of Marketing conference, University of Hull, 2017