Professor Gunjan Saxena


Faculty of Business, Law and Politics

01482 463970

Prior to joining Hull in 2004 as a lecturer in tourism management, Professor Saxena worked on a three year (2001-2004) EU-funded research project, SPRITE (Supporting and Promoting Integrated Tourism In Europe's Lagging Rural regions) at Coventry University.

She was part of a team comprising 12 different research centres in six participating countries. These included France, Spain, Ireland, Greece, the Czech Republic and the UK.

The overall aim of the SPRITE project was to analyse and develop the potential for better integrated tourism in the lagging rural regions of Europe.


Research Interests

  • Tourism marketing

  • Creative enterprise

  • Gender, regeneration and socio-cultural sustainability related issues

Research groups

  • Centre for Marketing

  • Centre for Business and Strategy


Saxena, G. 2018, Scarborough based study on bodies’ affective capacities, Annals of Tourism Research 68, 100-110 (4*ABS)

Ross, D. Saxena, G. Correia, F. and Deutz, P. (2017) Archaeological tourism: a creative approach, Annals of Tourism Research 67, 37-47 (4*ABS)

Saxena, G (2015) Imagined Relational Capital: an analytical tool in considering small tourism firms’ sociality Tourism Management 49, 109-118 (4* ABS) 

Saxena, G. and Singh, A M. (2014) Amorphous Family Nexus: An Analytical Tool in Considering Community/m-MGO Haritika's Ties in Bundelkhand, Central India Environment and Planning A 46(10), 2419–2434 (4* ABS)

Full list


Modules list

  • Buyer Behaviour and Ethics

  • Research Methods

  • Events Marketing

Research PhDs

Professor Saxena's Masters and doctoral research focused on applying relationship marketing techniques and social networks approach to examine the nature and especially the role that relationship building and collective learning processes play in sustainable tourism development and its provision.

Her current research looks at SMEs, entrepreneurship, women's enterprise, tribal communities and creative and rural tourism marketing. She would welcome doctoral students pursuing these topics to contact her.

Current PhD supervisions 

Minh Tran (2017-), Women Entrepreneurs Operating Informal Enterprises in Mekong and Danang, Vietnam.

Shenaz Rungawalla (2016-), A Study on the Impact of Consumption Patterns of Indian Middle Class Women on Identity Construction.

Jakia Rajoana (2015-), Women's Role in Sustainable Rural Tourism Development in Sundarbans, Bangladesh.

David Ross (2014-2017), Creative Tourism In Rural Portugal and its Potential as a Regeneration Tool for Local Heritage.

Md Saif Islam (2016-), Women Workers in the Garment Sector in Bangladesh.

Teaching awards and accolades

  • PGCHE (2004) The University of Hull

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Tourism Marketing (Staffordshire),

  • MSc Protected Landscapes Management (Aberystwyth),

  • MA Modern Indian History (Rajasthan),

  • BA English Literature (Sophia Girls College, Rajasthan)

External roles

Worked with regional NGOs in India using participatory techniques to ensure community involvement and gauge their awareness of environmental issues (e.g. PRA, RRA aimed at mapping local resources, community appraisals, participatory assessments and role simulation).

External roles

  • (2017) External Assessor, University of Malta. Internal Promotion Round

  • (2017) External Assessor, University of Kent, Interviews for the position of Professors in Kent Business School

Memberships of international organisations

  • International Centre for Protected Landscapes, University College of Wales. Science Park, Aberystwyth

  • Tourism Policy Research Group, ATLAS (European Association for Tourism and Leisure Education)

  • The Association of American Geographers

  • Geography of Leisure and Tourism Research Group, Royal Geographical Society (the Institute of British Geographers)

  • Institute of Travel and Tourism

Awards and accolades

  • (2013) Co-Investigator, Humber capability economic growth strategies. Local Enterprise Partnership consultancy grant, £47,000.

  • (2012 – 2013) Co-investigator, ‘Does Relational Capital Lead to Customer Satisfaction? Exploring Hoteliers’ Perspectives in Scarborough, Bridlington and Whitby towns of Yorkshire’, funded by the Centre for International and Regional Business, University of Hull, £3,500.

  • (2004-2005) Co-investigator, 'Aim Higher', funded by HEFCE to provide taster sessions to schools in Bridlington, £14,000.

  • (2001-2004) Co-investigator, SPRITE (Supporting and Promoting Integrated Tourism in Europe's Lagging Rural. Regions), EU-funded under Objective 5th Framework, £800,000. (QLK5-CT-2000-01211).

Professional highlights

  • (2014) Member of the Scientific Committee, International Conference on Contemporary Research in Tourism and Hospitality: Theory, Practice and Pitfalls, 18-21 Feb, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, India.

  • (2011) Member of the Scientific Committee, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal.

  • (1996–1998) International Centre for Protected Landscapes. University College of Wales. Science Park, Aberystwyth.

  • (2004–2012) Tourism Policy Research Group. ATLAS (European Association for Tourism and Leisure Education).

  • (2013–) The Association of American Geographers.

  • (1998–2002) Geography of Leisure and Tourism Research Group, Royal Geographical Society (the Institute of British Geographers).

  • (2004–) Scarborough Forum of Tourism.

  • (2017) Series Area Editor (Tourism/Marketing Book Series), Springer.

  • Consultant (2011–2013) on a project called Success Factors of Tourism Development by Rural Governance Organisations: A Governance Approach to Integrated Rural Tourism, Foundation of Science and Technology, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

  • Invited to act as a reviewer for the 6th Advances in Tourism Marketing (ATMC) Conference, 8–10 September 2015 in Joensuu, Finland.

  • Invited to act as a reviewer for the 19th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2015, July 12–15, 2015, Orlando, Florida, USA.

  • Invited to act as a reviewer for 2015 International Management Research Academy (IMRA), London, UK annual conference.

  • Invited to participate in community tourism initiatives in Colombia by a local consultancy Sensus Synergy.

  • Invited to act as an external examiner by University of St Andrews for PhD student Annabelle A McLauren-Thomson, September, 2015.