Professor Greg Bankoff

Professor in Environmnetal History

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education

01482 465693

Though Professor Bankoff's particular geographical focus is on Southeast Asia, and on the maritime nature of Spain’s empire in the Pacific, he has increasingly become more of a global historian in recent years.

He is a non-western historian who adopts an inter-disciplinary approach that combines the social with the natural sciences, theoretical insights with historical perspectives.


Research Interests

  • The role of disasters in human societies

  • Resources and risk management

  • The environmental consequences of modern conflict

  • Human-animal relations

  • The development of colonial science


Greg Bankoff and Joe Christensen (eds.), Natural Hazards and Peoples in the Indian Ocean World: Bordering on Danger, New York and London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.
Fred Krüger, Greg Bankoff, Terry Cannon, Benedikt Orlowski, Lisa Schipper (eds.), Cultures and Disasters: Understanding Cultural Framings in Disaster Risk Reduction. New York and London: Routledge, 2015.
Terry Cannon Lisa Schipper, Greg Bankoff and Fred Krueger (eds.) World Disaster Report 2014: Focus on Culture and Risk. Geneva: International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, 2014.

Recent articles
Greg Bankoff, 'Aeolian Empires: The Influence of Winds and Currents on European Maritime Expansion in the Days of Sail', Environment and History, 23, 2, 2017, pp.163 - 196.
Greg Bankoff, 'Lahat para sa Lahat (Everything to Everybody): Consensual Leadership, Social Capital and Disaster Risk Reduction in a Filipino Community, Disaster Prevention and Management, 24, 4, 2015, pp.430 – 447.

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Modules list

  • Animal Histories

  • The Making of the Contemporary World

  • Global History: The Modern World

  • Hazards and History: Wars, Disasters and Societies

  • America's Wars in Asia

Research PhDs

I welcome applications in environmental history, disaster studies, community-based disaster risk reduction, animal studies.

Completed PhDs 

Rebecca Messham, White Rose and Hull Scholarship, Doing Business Underwater: Flooding, Resilience and Entrepreneurship in the UK, 2009-2014

Alexia Rogers-Wright, ESRC CASE Studentship, Rethinking the Spaces and Institutions for the Governance of Flood Management, 2008-2013

Current PhD supervisors

George Borrinaga, Mechanisms of Resilience: Identification, Social Memory and Community Responses to Crises in Samar and Leyte, Philippines, 1882-2013

Jazmin Scarlett, The Reciprocal Relationships between Volcanoes and Societies on St. Vincent, Lesser Antilles

Shaun Allan, The Territorial Army and its Future

Loreta Zydeliene, Interwar Forests and Forest Industry in Lithuania

Teaching awards and accolades

Diploma in Education

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD (Murdoch University)

  • Diploma in Education (Murdoch University)

  • BA (Honours) Portsmouth University