Dr Graham Ferrier

Reader in Earth Observation Science and Head of the Department of Geography, Geology and Environmental Science

Faculty of Science and Engineering


01482 466060

Dr Graham Ferrier is the Head of Geography, Geology and Environmental Science at the University of Hull.

The focus of his research is Earth observation science, with a particular specialism in environmental and geological applications.



Research Interests

  • Thermal hyperspectral remote sensing
  • Mapping and monitoring geological processes
  • Environmental monitoring and modelling
  • Agri-sustainability, bio-renewables and energy from waste
  • Urban environmental modelling


Mohammed M S, Ferrier G, Abouda G and Corless L, 'Socio-economic deprivation significantly impacts clinical management and survival in hepatocellular carcinoma', Journal of Hepatology, 68, 3, pp 623-625 (2018)

Cai W, Gibbs D, Zhang L, Ferrier G and Cai Y, 'Identifying hotspots and management of critical ecosystem services in rapidly urbanising Yangtze River Delta Region, China', Journal of Environmental Management, 191, pp 258-267 (2017)

Neave D A, Black M, Riley T R, Gibson S A, Ferrier G, Wall F and Broom-Fendley S, 'On the feasibility of imaging carbonatite-hosted rare earth element (REE) deposits using remote sensing', Economic Geology, no 3, pp 73-77 (2016)

Black M, Riley T, Ferrier G, Fleming A and Fretwell P, 'Automated lithological mapping using airborne hyperspectral thermal infrared data: A case study from Anchorage Island, Antarctica', Remote Sensing of Environment, 176, pp 225-241 (2016)



Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Global Issues: Hazardous Worlds
  • Advanced Field Studies : Iceland Field Study
  • Advanced GIS
  • Principles of GIS

Research PhDs

Dr Ferrier welcomes applications in any aspect of remote mapping and monitoring of geological and environmental processes and products.

Completed PhDs

  • Wenbo Cai (Chinese Scholarship Scheme) 2014 – 2018 [2nd supervisor]
  • Martin Black PhD (NERC) 2013-2016 [Principal Supervisor]
  • Amanda Sherratt PhD (self-funded) 2012-2018 (part-time) [3rd supervisor]
  • Sumal Singh PhD (University of Hull Scholarship) 2010-2014 [2nd supervisor]
  • Chris Skinner PhD (University of Hull Scholarship) 2009-2013 [2nd supervisor]
  • Nanna Carlson PhD (University of Hull Scholarship) 2007-2010 [3rd supervisor]
  • Natalie Horsfield PhD (University of Hull Scholarship) 2002-2006 [2nd supervisor]
  • Magnus Wettle PhD (University of Hull Scholarship) 2001-2005 [principal supervisor], 2013-2016: [2nd supervisor]
  • Tanya Splayt PhD (Wastewise, Ltd) 2000-2004 [joint principal supervisor]
  • Simon Neill (EPSRC) 1996-2000 [joint principal supervisor]


Current PhD supervisions

  • Qian Zuo, Chinese Scholarship Scheme, Spatial Distribution and Prediction of Endemic Fluorosis in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China [principal supervisor]
  • Muneera Alharbi: Saudi Arabian Government, Analysis of the spatial and temporal patterns of shoplifting crime in Hull and Jeddah city [principal supervisor]
  • Charlotte Mummary (University of Hull Scholarship) 2010-2014 [2nd supervisor]




Teaching awards and accolades

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Authority

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Earth Observation Science, University of Dundee
  • MSc Computer Science, University of Dundee
  • MSc Mineral Exploration, Imperial College, University of London
  • BSc Geology, University of St Andrews

External roles

  • Member of the NERC Peer Review College (2011- )
  • Member of the NERC EO Facilities Review Panel (2018)
  • Member of the NERC Airborne Remote Sensing Facility Steering Committee (2005-2009)
  • Member of the NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility Steering Committee, (2007–2011)
  • Expert Evaluator on the FP7-SPACE-2013-1
  • Expert Evaluator on the H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018
  • Expert Evaluator on the H2020-MSCA-IF-2018
  • Expert Evaluator for the Irish Research Council (2017- )

Awards and accolades

  • NERC Lectureship in Earth Observation Science (funded post for five years) University of Hull