Gary Cook

Director Hull University Business School

Faculty of Business, Law and Politics

Hull University Business School

01482 463059

Gary Cook is an applied economist working mainly at the intersection between the econoimics of innovation, international business and economic geography.

His principal interest is in the relationships between firm location, internationalisation strategy, innovation and regional economic development.

Gary is particularly interested in multinational enterprises and high-technology small firms. He also works on the law and economics of insolvency, particularly the resolution of financial distress among small and medium-sized enterprises.


Research Interests

  • Industrial clusters, particularly the relationship between clusters and innovation

  • The law and economics of insolvency

Research groups

  • Collaborated on clusters with Naresh Pandit, Norwich Business School, Hans Loof, Royal Institiute of Technology, Stockholm and Eugenia Shevtsova at the University of Liverpool, under a succession of ESRC and British Academy grants.

  • Member of the Centre of Excellence for Science and Innovation Studies, Sweden's premier research unit for innovation, at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

  • Collaborated with Prof Naresh Pandit, Prof David Milman (University of Lancaster) and Nicholas Collett (Manchester Business School) on the law and economics of insolvency.

  • Currently collaborating with Prof Pandit and Mr Collett on a project on strategy in recession and recovery, sponsored by the Institute of Finance Directors.


Lööf, H., Nabavi, P., Cook, G. and Johansson, B. (2015) 'Learning by Exporting and Innovation Strategies', Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 24, pp. 52-64

Cook, G., Pandit, N.R., Lööf, H. and Johansson, B. (2013) 'Clustering, MNEs and Innovation: Who Benefits, and How?', International Journal of the Economics of Business, 20, pp. 203-227

Cook, G. and Pandit, N.R. (2012) 'The Influence of Clustering on MNE Location', International Business Review, 21 (6), pp. 1112-1132

Cook, G., Pandit, N.R. and Milman, D. (2012) 'A Resource-Based Analysis of Bankruptcy Law, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Recovery', International Small Business Journal, 30, pp. 275-293

Cook, G., Pandit, N.R. and Beaverstock, J. (2011) 'Cultural and Economic Complementarities of Spatial Agglomeration in the British Television Broadcasting Industry: Some Explorations', Environment and Planning A, 43, pp. 2918-2933

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Research PhDs

Gary welcomes applications in the areas of innovation, clusters, international business, international entrepreneurship and regional economic development.

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Jianwen Zheng, full-time PhD student, XJTLU (2017- )

  • Helen Johnson, full-time PhD student, Liverpool (2016- )

  • Ruiwen An, full-time PhD student, XJTLU (2016- )

  • Qiong Ji, full-time PhD student, XJTLU (2016- )

Teaching awards and accolades

  • Certificate in Professional Practice in Higher Education

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, Industrial Economics, University of Manchester

  • MSc Economics, University of Warwick

  • BA Hons German / Management Studies, University of Leeds

External roles

  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Conference of Heads of University Departments of Economics (2012 - 2020)

  • External Examiner in International Business, University of Derby (2013- )

  • External Examiner for MBA, Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia (2017- )

Professional highlights

  • Outstanding Paper Award: Pandit, N, Cook, G., Ghauri, P & Beaverstock, J.V. (2007) 'Locating in the City of London financial services cluster: A comparison between MNEs and non-MNEs’, 2nd International Conference on Services Management, 1-2 June, New Delhi, India.

  • Best Paper Award: Cook, G. and Pandit, N.R. (2006) 'International Linkages and entrepreneurship in media clusters. Evidence from the UK’, 9th Uddevalla Symposium, 15-17 June, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

  • Best Paper in International Business Stream Award: Pandit, N.R. and Cook, G. (2005) 'Locating in the City of London financial services cluster: A comparison between MNEs and Non MNEs’, British Academy of Management Conference, 13-15 Sept, Oxford.