Professor Fidel Perez-Sebastian

Professor in Economics

01482 463381

Fidel Perez-Sebastian's interests lie in the areas of macroeconomics and economic growth and development.

He has long experience in studying the implications for growth and long-run income of scare resources, technological change, fiscal policies, and the structural transformation process.

Professor Sebastian has held grants from the European Commission and published in, among others, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of International Economics and Journal of Development Economics.


Research Interests

  • Macroeconomic development

  • Economic growth

  • Open-economy macroeconomics


Perez-Sebastian F and Raveh O, 'Natural Resources, Decentralisation, and Risk Sharing: Can Resource Booms Unify Nations?', Journal of Development Economics, 121, pp 38-55 (2016)

Perez-Sebastian F and Raveh O, 'The Natural Resource Curse and Fiscal Decentralization', American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 98(1), pp 212-230 (2016)

Guillo M and Perez-Sebastian F, 'Neoclassical Growth and the Natural Resource Curse Puzzle', Journal of International Economics, 97(2), pp 423-435 (2015)

Papageorgiou C, Chakraborty S and Perez-Sebastian F, 'Diseases, Infection Dynamics, and Development', Journal of Monetary Economics 57(7), pp 859-872 (2010)

Gurmu S and Perez-Sebastian F, 'Patents, R&D and Lag Effects: Evidence from Flexible Methods for Count Panel Data on Manufacturing Firms', Empirical Economics, 35(3), pp 507-526 (2008)

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  • Economic Environment

Research PhDs

Professor Perez-Sebastian welcomes applications in the areas of macroeconomic development, economic growth, and open-economy macroeconomics.

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Academic qualifications

  • PhD (University of Virginia)

  • MA (University of Virginia)

  • BSc Hons (Zaragoza)