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Professor Esme Moniz-Cook

Professor of Clinical Psychology of Ageing and Dementia Care Research/ Dementia Research Work Group Lead

Faculty of Health Sciences

01482 464686

Working with older people with dementia and families since 1987, Professor Esme Moniz-Cook has pioneered psychosocial approaches across the dementia trajectory.

She is passionate about improving the quality of dementia care through research that translates into practice.

Esme's European-funded award, 'Early Detection and Psychosocial Rehabilitation to Maintain Quality of Life in Dementia' (1997), founded INTERDEM, an international applied-research network, which publishes widely on psychosocial approaches to dementia.

She led ‘Challenge Demcare: Management of Challenging Behaviour in Dementia (2007-2017)' and has co-investigated nine other dementia studies, totalling just under £25 million, since 2006.


Research Interests

  • Ageing and dementia care

  • Staff and caregiver training and support

  • Clinical and health psychology

  • Rehabilitation, re-enablement, social health

  • Routine and meaningful outcome measurement in dementia

  • Research delivery into NHS and social care

Research groups

Founder chair (now co-chair) of INTERDEM - international network of 170 academic and clinical researchers from 19 European countries and four countries outside Europe from the following professional disciplines: clinical or academic psychology / neuropsychology, medical sociology, social medicine, epidemiology, social work, occupational therapy, human movement therapy (physiotherapy), gerontological and mental health nursing, primary care physicians (GPs), and specialist physicians in geriatric medicine, neurology / neuropsychiatry, psychiatry and old age psychiatry.

UK collaborators include the Institute of Mental Health, University Of Nottingham; Bradford Dementia Group, University of Bradford; Dementia Services Development Centre, University of Bangor; Social Care Workforce Research Unit, Kings College London; Division of Population Health, Health Services Research and Primary Care, University of Manchester; Exeter Medical School, University of Exeter.

Leader of the NHS Challenge Demcare research programme.

Yorkshire and Humber Local Clinical Research Network Division 4 (DENDRON)


Moniz-Cook E, Hart C, Woods B, Whitaker C, James I, et al. (2017) 'Challenge Demcare: management of challenging behaviour in dementia at home and in care homes: development, evaluation and implementation of an online individualised intervention for care homes; and a cohort study of specialist community mental health care for families', Programme Grants for Applied Research, 5, 15

Ballard, C., Orrell, M., Yongzhong, S., Moniz-Cook, E., Stafford, J., Whitaker, R., Woods, B., Corbett A., Banerjee S., Testad I, Garrod L., Khan Z., Woodward - Carlton B., Wenbourne, J. & Fossey J (2017) 'Impact of antipsychotic review and non-pharmacological intervention on health-related quality of life in people with dementia living in care homes: WHELD-a factorial cluster randomised controlled trial', International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 32, 10 1094–1103, DOI: 10.1002/gps.4572

Orrell, M., Yates, L., Leung, P., Hoare, Z., Burns, A., Kang, S., Knapp, M., Leroi, I., Moniz-Cook, E., Spector, A., Roberts, S., Whitaker, C. Woods, R.T., Russell, I., Pearson, S., Simpson, S., de Waal, H. & Orgeta, V. (2017) 'The impact of individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (iCST) on cognition, quality oflife, caregiver health, and family relationships in dementia: a randomised controlled trial', PloS Medicine, 14(3): e1002269

Moniz-Cook, E.D., Elston, C., Gardiner E Agar, S. Silver M Win, T. & Wang, M. (2008) 'Can training Community Mental Health Nurses to support family carers reduce behavioural problems in dementia? An exploratory pragmatic randomised controlled trial', International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 23, 2, 185-191

Moniz-Cook E, Vernooij-Dassen M, Woods R, Verhey F, Chattat R, de Vugt M, Mountain G, O’Connell M, Harrison J, Vasse E, Dröes RM, & Orrell M For the INTERDEM group. (2008) 'A European consensus on outcome measures for psychosocial intervention research in dementia care', Aging and Mental Health, 12, 1, 14- 25

Full list


Research PhDs

Professor Moniz-Cook welcomes discussion with senior staff who would like co-supervision for dementia care Masters and Doctoral student projects and / or planning, reviewing and advice on publishing Masters and Doctoral dementia research in peer review journals.

Completed PhDs 

Example: PhD (UCL)-completed 2016

Feast A, Orrell M, Charlesworth G, Melunsky N, Poland F and Moniz-Cook E (2016) 'Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia (BPSD) and the challenges or family carers: a systematic review', British Journal of Psychiatry, 208 (5) 429-434 DOI: 10.1192/bjp.bp.114.153684

Feast, A, Moniz-Cook, E., Stoner, C., Charlesworth G & Orrell M (2016) 'A systematic review of the relationship between Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms (BPSD) and caregiver wellbeing', International Psychogeriatrics, 28:11, 1761–1774

Feast A, Orrell M, Russell I, Charlesworth G, & Moniz-Cook E (2017) 'The contribution of caregiver psychosocial factors to distress associated with behavioural and psychological symptoms in dementia', International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 32, 1,76–85 DOI: 10.1002/gps.4447

Feast A, Orrell M, Charlesworth C, Poland F, Featherstone K, Melunsky N, Moniz-Cook E (in press) 'Meta-Ethnography to Synthesise Relevant Studies: Capturing the Bigger Picture in Dementia with Challenging Behaviour within Families', Research Methods Cases: Psychology (accepted Sept 2017)

Current PhD supervisions 


Stansfield J., Stoner C., Wenbourne, J Vernooij-Dassen M, Moniz-Cook E & Orrell M (2017) 'Positive Psychology Outcome measures for family caregivers of people living with dementia: a systematic review', International Psychogeriatrics, 29(8), 1281 -1296

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BSc Hons

  • Diploma in Clinical Psychology

  • PhD

Awards and accolades


1991–2010 (dementia only)

Moniz-Cook, E.D. (1991-1992) Memory Clinics in General Practice, Funding Agency: FHSA - £20,000

Moniz-Cook, E.D., Elston, C., Win, T. and Bestley, J. (1994-1995) Management of Behaviour Disturbance in Local Authority Elderly Residential Homes - can staff training reduce behaviour disturbance and improve staff morale? Funding Agency: NHS Executive: National R&D Programme- Mental Health Group - £14,000

Moniz-Cook, E.D., Win, T., Wang, M. and Elston, C. (1995-1997) Can a Training Package Reduce Carer Stress and Behavioural disturbance in the EMI? Funding agency: NHS Executive:Northern & Yorkshire R&D Programme - Mental Health Group - £64,000

Win, T., Moniz-Cook, E.D. and Wang, M. Visiting fellowships: Kahin Myat New and Mya Aye (1996- 1997) Funding Agency: World Health Organisation - £42,000

Moniz-Cook, E.D. and Wang, M. (1997-1999) Early Detection and Psychosocial Rehabilitation to Maintain Quality of Life in Dementia - A Training Package, Funding agency: European Commission. file no: SOC97 201452 05F03 ECUS 121,712

Moniz-Cook, E.D., Campion, P., Lewin, B.,Wang, M. & Win, T. (1998 - 2000) Early Psychosocial Intervention through a Memory Clinic - A Randomised Controlled Trial. Funding agency: NHS Executive: Northern & Yorkshire R & D Commissioning Programme - Primary Care Group - £35,931.

INTERDEM Group (Pan European Interventions in Early Dementia) (2002 – 2004) 

With Vernooij-Dassen et al (2002-2003): DIADEM: Timely DIAgnosis  and management of DEMentia ) Awarded to INTERDEM (Pan European Interventions in Early Dementia). Funded through the 5th Framework  EU File no. QLRT-2001-00296. Total award 80,000 Euros [5445.36 to Hull University]

Moniz-Cook, E.D, Hostick, T., Knapp, A. Walker, I. Insu, P. & Woodruff, G. (2002-2004) Evaluation of a re-provided Hospital at Home ‘ liaison’ service for Older People with acute mental health problems. Funding agency: Hull & East Riding Community NHS Trust HERCH – £ 40,000

Moniz-Cook E.D. (2002-2005) Developing & Testing a Drop in Memory Centre for Older People.  Funding agency:Hull City Council (Department of Health Prevention Grant) - £20,000

with Vernooij Dassen, M, Woods, B, Cantegrill I, Franco M (2006 – 2008) EUROCODE-Work package 6 Guidelines for Psychosocial Intervention in Dementia across Europe - European Commission Grant awarded to Alzheimers Europe [Work Package 6 Prof E Moniz-Cook]. Total award for Euros 1.2 million.

Moniz-Cook – to Humber NHS FT (2009 -2010): Enhancing post-diagnostic recovery in older people with dementia and their families at a Memory Clinic. Enhancing the Healing Environment Programme: The King’s Fund in partnership with the Department of Health; Mental Health and Learning Disabilities - Dementia Care Environments  £ 40,000

with Banerjee S, Burns A, Ballard C, Knapp M, Walwyn R, Baldwin R, Bentham P, Davies L, Dening T, Holmes C, Lindesay J, Livingston G, O Brien J, Wilcock G, Wilkinson D, Wilson K, Dewey M, Byrne J, Orrell M, Charlesworth G, Fox C, Katona C, Nurock S, Murray S (2006 -2010) SADD Study of Antidepressants for Depression in Dementia – a definitive multicentre pragmatic randomised controlled trial of clinical and cost effectiveness. HTA Trial Grant £2,194,000 (with extension) - to Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London – completed 2011

with Woods B, Orrell M, Russell I, Bruce E and Keady J (2007 -2012) REMCARE Reminiscence groups for people with dementia and their family care-givers: pragmatic 8-centre trial of joint reminiscence and maintenance v usual treatment HTA Trials Grant £1,536,395 (with extension) – to University of Bangor - completed 2012

2013 – present, completed

1) Moniz-Cook E, Mason A, Woods B, Mozley C, Russell I, Campion P, Hilton A, Edwards R, Markova I, Downs M, Stokes G, James I, and Orrell M (2007 -2013) Challenge Demcare Challenging Behaviour in Dementia at home and in Care Homes, NIHR Programme Grant £ 2,079,654 over five years – one year unfunded extension 2012-2013 (to Humber NHS FT) – completed August 2017

2) with Orrell, Charlesworth, Challis, Woods, Russell, Knapp and Wilson (2007-2017) SHIELD Support at Home - Interventions to Enhance Life in Dementia - £1,979,387 NIHR Programme Grant over five years (to NEL FT) – completed 2017

3) with Orrell M, Woods B, Russell I, Moniz-Cook E, Knapp M, Spector A, Burns A (2010-2015) iCST Trial Individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for dementia HTA Trial Grant £1,131,252 (to UCL) – completed 2015

4) INTERDEM Scientific Advisory Board – Engles Y, Vernooij-Dassen M et al (2011- 2015) Implementation of quality indicators in palliative Care study IMPACT European Commission Grant FP7 - Health European Commission Grant € 3,80 million completed 2015

5) with Smith S, Ritchie C, Black N, Ballard C, Dewar S, Knapp M, Wittenburgh R, Pennington M, Neuberger J, Murray M and Pickett J (2012 -2015) Using Patient Reported Outcome Measures to Improve Dementia Care (PR-R3-0212-14001) £ 1,000,000 NIHR Policy Research Programme PRP (to London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) Steering and field support – not published

6) with Gridley K, Parker G, Kaiser P, Baxter K, Allgar V, Birks Y, Tottie J, Savitch N, Metcalfe V and Watkins J (2012 -2015) Improving care for people with dementia: development and initial feasibility study for evaluation of Life Story Work in dementia care. £430,648 NIHR Health Services Research programme (to University of York) completed August 2016

7) co-lead with Mountain G and work group members: Waldemar G, Orrell M, Manthorpe J, Holle D, Halek M, Droes R, van Hout H, Meiland F, Vernooij Dassen M, Chattat R, Woods R, Verhey F, Ulstein I, Holmerová I, Brodaty H, Jeon Y (October 2014 - March 2015) Dementia Outcome Measures: charting new territory EU Joint Programme Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) Euros 49,462.00 [announced 26 08 14] completed October 2015

8) with Ballard C, Fossey J, Orrell M, Murray J, Howard R, Knapp M, Woods B, Russell I, Day S, Aarsland D, Woodward-Carlton B, McLaughlin E (2010 -2015) WHELD An Optimised Person Centred Intervention to Improve Mental Health and Reduce Antipsychotics amongst People with Dementia in Care Homes NIHR Programme Grant over five years - £1,998,346 (to Oxford and Buckinghamshire NHS FT) – not published

9) with Livingston G, Howard R, O’Brien J, Mountain G, Woods B, Banerjee S, Lafortune L, Roberts C, McCleery J Pickett,J, Webster L, Groskreutz D, Grinbergs-Saull A, Perneczky R, Bunn F, Challis D, Charlesworth G, Featherstone K, Fox C, Goodman C, Jones R, Lamb S, Schneider J, Shepperd S, Surr C, Thompson-Coon J, Ballard C, Brayne C, Burke O, Burns A, Clare L, Downs M, Garrard P, Kehoe P, Passmore C, Holmes C, Maidment I, Murtagh F and Robinson, L. l (2015 -2016) Development of a core outcome set for disease modification trials in mild to moderate dementia: a systematic review, patient and public consultation and consensus recommendations. NIHR- HTA ( £49,999.20, over six months) Reference: 15/62/02 –completed May 2015


1 ) with Orrell M, Mountain G, Russell I, Sackley C, Challis D, Vernooij-Dassen M, King J, Hill J, Brouder J, Morris S, Poland F, Omar R, Mitchie S and Wenbourne J (2012 – 2016) VALID – Valuing Active Life in Dementia, NIHR Programme Grant RP-PG-0610-10108 over six years - £1,994,446 (to NEL FT) extension to 2018

2) with Orrell M, Michie, Aguirre E, Challis D, Charlesworth G, Omar R, Steptoe A. Morris S, Raiit G Poland F Mountain G Moniz-Cook E and Hogervosrt E (2014 -2018) PRIDE: Promoting Independence in Dementia ESRC [Ref ES/L001802/1] - £5,191,661 (UCL/University of Nottingham)

3) with Orrell M, Challis D, Johnson S, Mitchie S, Poland F, Lloyd Evans E, Morris S, Brouder J, Hoe J, Denning T, Whitaker R, Prothero D, Onyett S, and Harvey I (2014 -2018) AQUEDUCT Achieving Quality and Effectiveness in Dementia using Crisis Teams, NIHR Programme For Applied Research (PfAR) over five years - £1,978,647 (NELFT- NHS/Nottingham NHS)

4) with Mountain G, Craig C, Sprange K, Bowie P, Berry K and Blackburn D (2015 - 2019) Journeying through dementia; randomised controlled trial of clinical and cost effectiveness, NIHR HTA, 14/140/80 - £1,964,887.66 (Sheffield Health & Social Care FT)


BUPA PRIZE – CARE AWARD 2004: for THE HULL DROP IN MEMORY CLINIC (November, London) £ 10,000 

NHS Quality Champion/Innovator of the Year  - Regional joint winner  2013 NHS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY (November, Leeds) 

NHS Quality Champion/Innovator of the Year 2014 - National winner NHS ENGLAND LEADERSHIP ACADEMY