Dr Emma Wolverson

Clinical Lecturer and Faculty Ethics Committee Member

Faculty of Health Sciences


+44 (0) 1482 464170

Emma Wolverson is a clinical psychologist who specialises in working with people living with dementia and their families.

Her clinical work has spanned the dementia care pathway from early assessment and diagnosis to end of life care.

Emma's research aims to support people with dementia to live well by promoting wellbeing, reducing stigma and improving care.

She is a research tutor on the clinical psychology doctoral programme and supervises a number of doctoral research projects related to the application of positive psychology to support living well with dementia.


Research Interests

  • Improving the lives of people living with dementia by promoting well-being, reducing stigma, and improving care
  • The application of positive psychology approaches to dementia

Research groups

  • Member of the Critical Love Studies Network in Hull
  • Member of the Social and Psychological Research into Long Term Conditions (SPARC) research cluster at the University


Patterson, K., Clarke, C., Wolverson, E. & Moniz-Cook, E. (2017). 'Through the eyes of others – the social experiences of people with dementia: a systematic literature review and synthesis'. International Psychogeriatrics

Harris, Y. & Wolverson, E. (2017). 'The experience of epilepsy in later life: An exploration of illness representations'. Epilepsy and Behaviour, accepted for publication.

Vince, A., Clarke, C. & Wolverson, E. (2016). 'An exploration into psychiatrists’ understanding of what it means to live well with dementia, and experiences of engaging in discussions about positive well-being when sharing a diagnosis'. International Psychogeriatrics, 29, (1), 93-104.

Wolverson, E. & Clarke, C (Eds). (2016). Positive Psychology Approaches to Dementia. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Wolverson, E., Clarke, C. & Moniz-Cook, E. (2015) 'Living positively with dementia: A systematic review and synthesis of the literature'. Aging and Mental Health, 20 (7) pp 676-699.

Full list


Modules list

Teaching sessions relating to later life and dementia on the clinical psychology doctorate and also research methods teaching.


Research PhDs

Dr Wolverson welcomes applications in the application of positive psychology to dementia care.

Completed PhDs

  • Pearson, M. (2017). The experience of gratitude in dementia: A pilot study of a gratitude intervention
  • Bartels, L. (2017). The role of hope in sustaining caregiving in dementia
  • Cowell, C. (2016). An exploration of the impact of the care home transition on love in dementia relationships
  • Heap, C. (2016). Intensive Interaction in severe dementia: making meaning with staff caregivers
  • Buggins, S. (2016). Resilience in older adults with a diagnosis of dementia
  • Smithson-Evans, F. (2016). Illness perceptions and quality of life in brain tumours: Does diagnostic communication have an impact?
  • Patterson, K. (2014). Positive experiences whilst living with dementia: A qualitative exploration of growth in older adults
  • Irwin, H. (2014). Exploring the shared experience of humour in people living with dementia and their partners
  • Vince, A, (2014). An exploration into psychiatrists understanding of what it means to live well with dementia, and experiences of engaging in discussions about positive wellbeing when sharing a diagnosis
  • Dearden, R. (2014). Defining an authentic patient-neurosurgeon relationship within the awake craniotomy context; a qualitative study
  • Marklew, H. (2013). An exploration of the motherhood decision
  • Haris, Y. (2012). An exploration of illness representations in older age
  • Chapman, D. (2011). Hope and Stigma in Early Dementia

Current PhD supervisions

  • Adams, J. Mindfulness and dementia
  • Conway, L. Resilience in living with dementia


Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (ClinPsyD), University of Hull (2008)
  • BSc Psychology with Clinical Psychology, University of Hull (2005)

External roles

  • Part-time work as a clinical psychologist with the Humber NHS Foundation Trust
  • External examiner for the University of East Anglia's doctorate in clinical psychology programme

Awards and accolades

  • Co-PI for a Horizon 2020 funded research project, CAREGIVERS-PRO, which is developing a website to support people with dementia and their caregivers to develop online support communities.