Dr Chris Clarke

Clinical Lecturer (research) and Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Faculty of Health Sciences


01482 464106

Chris is a clinical lecturer in research on the Clinical Psychology Doctorate programme. He is also a consultant clinical psychologist with Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust.

His research interests focus on the application of positive psychology to living with dementia and outcome measurement in relation to psychosocial interventions in dementia.

He is a peer reviewer for Ageing and Mental Health and co-editor of the book Positive Psychology Approaches to Dementia (Jessica Kingsley Publishers).


Research Interests

  • Positive psychology approaches to dementia and dementia care

  • Interpersonal factors in later life and adjustment to dementia

  • Wellbeing in later life and dementia

  • Outcome measurement in psychosocial interventions in dementia

Research groups

  • Pan-European 'INTERDEM' group; a project looking at scoping and evaluating self-report measures of wellbeing outcomes in dementia.


Clarke C and Wolverson E (Eds), Positive Psychology Approaches to Dementia (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2016)

Vince A, Clarke C and Wolverson E L, 'The Meaning and Experience of Wellbeing in Dementia for Psychiatrists involved in Diagnostic Disclosure: a Qualitative Study', International Psychogeriatrics, 1-12 (2016)

Wolverson E L, Clarke C and Moniz-Cook E D, 'Living Positively with Dementia: a Systematic Review and Synthesis of the Qualitative Literature', Aging and Mental Health, 20(7), 676-699 (2016)

Rashid N, Clarke C and Rogish M, 'Post-Stroke Depression and Expressed Emotion', Brain Injury, 27(2): 232-238 (2013).

Bailey S, Clarke C and Moniz-Cook E, 'The Influence of ‘Cognitive Busyness’ on Causal Attributions of Challenging Behaviour in Dementia: a Preliminary Experimental Study', Aging and Mental Health, 16 (7). 836-845 (2012)

Wolverson E, Clarke C and Moniz-Cook E, 'Remaining Hopeful in Early-Stage Dementia: a Qualitative Study', Aging and Mental Health, 14 (4). 450-460 (2010)


Modules list

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapies with Older People

  • Dementia

  • Psychological Formulation

  • Systematic Literature Reviewing and Narrative Synthesis

  • Working with Vulnerable People

Research PhDs

Dr Clarke would welcome applications in the area of positive experiences and wellbeing experiences, and outcomes in relation to dementia and dementia care.

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology with Clinical Psychology, University of Hull, 1997

  • ClinPsyD, University of Hull, 2000

  • Postgraduate diploma in Cognitive Therapy, University of Manchester, 2003

External roles

  • Consultant Clinical Psychologist with the NHS

  • Regular reviewer for Aging and Mental Health

  • Internal examiner for the Clinical Psychology programme

  • External examiner for DClinPsy course at Newcastle University (2010-2013)

  • Principal Investigator for the 'Journeying through Dementia' trial: an NIHR-funded, randomised controlled trial of a self-management intervention for people recently diagnosed with dementia

  • External examiner (PhD) for University College London