Dr Canglong Wang

Dr Canglong Wang

Lecturer in Chinese Studies

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education
  • Department of Languages and Philosophy


Dr Canglong Wang is currently Programme Director for Chinese Studies. He holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Edinburgh. Since completion of his doctoral project about Confucian education in contemporary China in December 2018, he maintains intense interest in this topic and keeps on his exploration. As a China Study researcher and a sociologist, he is skilled at addressing this project by both empirical and theoretical approaches. Besides Confucianism and classical education, his other research areas cover Chinese citizenship, sociology of education, social theory (particularly of Foucault), individualisation of Chinese society, and qualitative methodology.

Canglong is committed to furthering and expanding his research in two directions.

(1) The first theoretical approach is to draw upon the conceptual toolkit by Michel Foucault, in particular, technology of self, care of self, and ethical mode of self-government, and link them up with the empirical data of Confucian education in contemporary China. By this he aims to reveal what subjectivity and how subject-making are actualized through Confucian learning and teaching in the modernity conditions in China.

(2) The second is concerning the shifted methodology for data collection. Besides doing fieldwork in "material" spaces, he is engaged in expanding to digital media such as WeChat, which has been playing a vital part in rejuvenating Confucian education in contemporary China.


Canglong delivers teaching in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels as follows: (1) Ancient Chinese History and Culture: From Prehistory to Early Empire (module leader), (2) Introduction to East Asian Popular Culture (module leader), (3) Contemporary Cities: Migration, Place and Belonging (Chinese strand leader), (4) Ideas and Identities: The Construction of National Cultures, (5) Chinese Language 5&6, and (6) Specialised Translation and Translation Technologies (postgraduate). He also plays the role of module leader for Chinese Language 1&2 Beginners and Improvers.

Research interests

Chinese citizenship


Sociology of education

Classical education in China

National and cultural identity

Schooling ethnography


Contemporary China

Digital culture

Postgraduate supervision

Canglong welcomes PhD project proposals in Confucian philosophy, citizenship studies, and sociology of education. Ideas for modern/contemporary China studies are also very welcome.