Professor Brad Gibson

Professor of Astrophysics/ Director, E.A Milne Centre for Astrophysics; Head of Physics

Faculty of Science and Engineering


01482 465105

Professor Gibson joined the University in 2015 and established the E.A Milne Centre for Astrophysics. One of the country's most influential scientists, his 300 publications have amassed 20,000 citations from his peers. His research was named a Top 10 News Story of the year by National Geographic; with the Hubble Space Telescope, he determined the expansion rate of the Universe, for which his team was awarded the Gruber Prize in Cosmology. Brad discovered that our Milky Way is cannibalising its neighbours, the Magellanic Clouds. A world-renowned expert in using supercomputers to model the distribution of chemical elements throughout the Universe, Gibson's team are Hull's research stars.


Research Interests

Astrophysics; Supercomputing; Galaxy Evolution

Research groups

A small sample of Gibson's collaborative networks include: RAVE; JINA-CEE; 4MOST; Gaia-ESO Survey; Horizon Run ; his full list includes in excess of 100 scientists across 40 countries.


Freedman et al. 2001, ApJ, 553, 47: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2001ApJ...553...47F

Brook et al. 2004, ApJ, 612, 894: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2004ApJ...612..894B

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Pilkington et al. 2012, A&A, 540, A56: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2012A%26A...540A..56P


Programmes taught on (2019)

Research PhDs

Applicants passionate about astronomy and astrophysics are welcome within the Milne Centre, regardless of sub-discipline; our expertise spans the largest structures in the Universe down to the origin of the chemical elements, with a strong emphasis on galaxies, stars, and the Sun.

Completed PhDs 

12 successful PhD completions as Primary Supervisor.

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

PhD, Theoretical Astrophysics - University of British Columbia, 1995

MSc, Astronomical Instrumentation - University of British Columbia, 1990

BSc, Physics - University of Waterloo, 1988

External roles

The Astrophysical Journal (Scientific Editor); JINA-CEE International Advisory Committee; COSMOS Executive Committee; Chair, UK National Astronomy Meeting; Royal Astronomical Society (Councillor)

Awards and accolades

2016 - 2017 Hungarian Academy of Science - Distinguished Guest Scientist

2015 The John Porter Memorial Lecturer - Institute of Physics

2014 Universidad de Granada - Visiting Professor

2012 Monash University - Kevin Westfold Distinguished Visitor

2011 Saint Mary's University - Visiting Professor

2007 - 2009 University of Sydney - Honorary Associate

2006 Strasbourg Observatory - Visiting Professor

2004 - 2006 Monash University - Honorary Professor

2003 Swinburne University - Research Excellence Award