Mrs Bev Orton

Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology/ Academic Contact for Collaborative Provision

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education
  • School of Education and Social Sciences


  • PhD


Dr Bev Orton's interests include apartheid in South Africa, women's contribution to the political struggle, restorative justice and mothers, and the decriminalising of sex workers in South Africa. She lectures on undergraduate programmes at the University and in Hong Kong. She also lectures at postgraduate level and supervises PhDs. Dr Orton is interested in using theatre, film and photography in her research. This encouraged her to develop the Visual Sociology module. She has made films with women's groups, such as women's refuges in Cambridge and Norfolk, and has also made films and worked in the television industry in South Africa.


Undergraduate - Criminological Theory - Visual Sociology - Understanding the Other - Evil - Criminal Justice Process - Punishment and Society - Problem of Youth - Contemporary Perspectives of Crime and Deviance - Figuring Out Crime - Ethics - Equality and Diversity - South Africa: Women and Apartheid - South Africa: Women, Theatre and Apartheid - Dangerousness - Collecting Social Data - Sociological Theory MA - Restorative Justice: - International Perspectives - Research - Dissertation

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Orton welcomes applications for supervision in her areas of interest including South Africa, gender, restorative justice and sexuality.