Bethan Jones

Dr Bethan Jones

Senior Lecturer/ Programme leader for BA English with Foundation Year.

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education

01482 465561

Her monograph, The Last Poems of D H Lawrence: Shaping a Late Style (2010), received a biennial prize from the D H Lawrence Society of North America.

Bethan co-edited The Virgin and the Gipsy and Other Stories for Cambridge University Press (2006), was editor of The Journal of D H Lawrence Studies from 2001 to 2006 and contributes regularly to international D.H. Lawrence journals and collections.

She is currently researching and writing on representations of childhood trauma in contemporary fiction.


Research Interests

  • D H Lawrence

  • Modernist poetry and prose

  • Contemporary fiction

  • Childhood trauma

  • The interrelation between literary texts and music

Research groups

Part of an international D H Lawrence network that runs events and facilitates the publication of books and journals within this literary field.

Member of CCILC, the committee that decides on venues and organising teams for international conferences.


Jones B, The Last Poems of D.H. Lawrence: Shaping a Late Style, Aldershot: Ashgate, 233 pp (2010)

Jones B, Herbert M and Vasey L (eds), The Virgin and the Gipsy and Other Stories, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 334 pp, (2006)

Jones B, ‘Depravity, Abuse and Homoerotic Desire in Billy Budd and “The Prussian Officer”‘, Journal of D.H. Lawrence Studies, Vol 4, no.2, pp. 47-72 (2016)

Jones B, ‘Pivotal Poems: Turning back to D.H. Lawrence’s Bay’D H Lawrence Review, Vol. 40 no.2, pp 54-71 (2015)

Jones B, 'D.H. Lawrence and the “Insidious Mastery of Song”’, D H Lawrence Studies (published by the D H Lawrence Society of Korea), vol. 20 no. 2, pp 153-174 (2012)

Full list


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Contemporary Fiction (level 6)

  • D H Lawrence (level 6)

  • Childhood Trauma in Contemporary Literature (level 6)

  • Dissertation (level 6)

  • British and American Modernism (level 5)

  • Recent Fiction: Childhood, Alienation and Belonging (level 3)

  • Research, Creativity and Engagement (MA: level 7)

  • Modern City Fictions (MA: level 7)

  • Guided Independent Research Essay (MA: level 7)

  • Dissertation (MA: level 7)

Research PhDs

Bethan welcomes PhD proposals from students intending to write on modern and / or contemporary literature. She specialises in the works of D H Lawrence, modernism and modernity, contemporary fiction, childhood trauma and the relationship between literary text and music.

Completed PhDs

  • Hassan Al-Kalo, Journeying, Self-Displacement and Conflict with the Other in Selected Works by Joseph Conrad, E. M. Forster, D. H. Lawrence and Graham Greene (2017)

  • Shu Zeng, Love, Power and Resistance: Representations of Chinese-Caucasian Romance in Twentieth-Century English Literature (2016)

  • Mamo Alo, 'I Hear Nothing, I Say Nothing': Contructions of Impotence and Ignorance in the Work of Samuel Beckett (2015)

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Sahidul Islam, Immigration in the works of Hanif Kureishi

Teaching awards and accolades

  • PGCHE, University of Hull (2004)

  • PGCE Secondary English, University of Wales (1994)

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in English Literature, D H Lawrence’s late poetry, University of Nottingham (1998)

  • MA English Poetry and its Contexts, University of Bristol (1993)

  • BA Hons English, University of Bristol (1992)

External roles

  • External examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Leicester and Falmouth College

  • Examined PhD theses at the University of Newcastle and the Univeristy of Loughborough

  • Collaborated on music and poetry events at D H Lawrence conferences with Holly Laird (University of Tulsa), Christopher Pollnitz (University of Newcastle, Australia), David Trotter (University of Cambridge), Susan Reid (UK), William Neil (USA) and Glyn Bailey (USA)

  • On the Editorial Committee of the Journal of D H Lawrence Studies and Etudes Lawrenciennes. Also evaluated manuscripts for the D H Lawrence Review and for Ashgate Press

Awards and accolades

Received a biennial award from the D H Lawrence Society of North America for monograph The Last Poems of D. H. Lawrence: Shaping a Late Style (2010). The award was presented at the 12th International D H Lawrence Conference in Sydney, 2011, where she gave a keynote lecture.

Professional highlights

Previous D H Lawrence conferences have involved comparable events, such as the world premiere of William Neil’s ‘Where there is no Autumn’ (in which Bethan was the clarinettist) and a performance of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto at the Palazzo Bettoni, Gargnano.