Dr Annette Schlosser

Academic Co-ordinator and Clinical Lecturer (Academic)

Faculty of Health Sciences


01482 464094

Teaching co-ordinator for the Clinical Psychology Doctorate programme/ Chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee of the Clin Psy D programme/ Chair of the Trainee Support Committee of the Clin Psy D programme

Annette Schlosser has worked as a clinical psychologist in the UK since 1997, and specialises in working with families, children and adolescents.

She completed a BPS Statement of Equivalence after graduating with an MSc in Clinical and Developmental Psychology in the Netherlands and completing a PhD at Oxford Brookes University.

Annette consulted on the N and NE Lincs Family Nurse Programme from its beginning, supporting family nurses in their work with pregnant teenagers and young mums.

She is a keen educator who enjoys teaching and developing trainees during their years of professional training, both as a lecturer and a research supervisor.


Research Interests

  • Children in the looked after sector, their carers and professionals involved in their care

  • Young people in school, their wellbeing and nurture, and professionals involved in this

  • Body work for children, post-trauma

Research groups


Cheney G, Schlösser A, Nash P and Glover L, 'Targeted group-based interventions in schools to promote emotional well-being: A systematic review', Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 19 (3), pp 412-438 (2014)

Hughes N K and Schlösser A, 'The effectiveness of nurture groups: a systematic review', Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, 19 (4), pp 386-409 (2014)

Kinsey D and Schlösser A, 'Interventions in foster and kinship care: A systematic review', Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 18 (3), pp 429-463 (2013)

Nash P and Schlösser A, 'Working with schools in identifying and overcoming emotional barriers to learning', Educational Studies, 41 (1-2), pp 143-155 (2015)

Nash P, Schlösser A and Scarr T, 'Teachers’ perceptions of disruptive behaviour in schools: a psychological perspective', Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, 21 (2), pp 167-180 (2016)

Full list


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

Workshops on:

  • Therapeutic relationships

  • Children, young people and families

  • Developmental difficulties

  • Difference and diversity

  • Psycho-educational groups

  • Self-management

Research PhDs

Currently, with colleagues Louise Mowthorpe and Sarah Lloyd, looking to develop projects on the use of body work to influence outcomes for children and young people in care.

Completed Clin Psy D supervisions

  • Psychology in schools: understanding and intervening within vulnerable populations

  • Anxiety in childhood: parental expectations, differential parenting and siblings

  • Assessment of mental health for looked after children

  • The Impact of Bullying and Nurture Experiences on Emotional Wellbeing

  • Children's experiences of dyslexia and transition to secondary school

  • Medically unexplained symptoms in children : systemic perspectives and interventions

  • Children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes: Parents' psychological wellbeing, sibling empathy and the quality of the sibling relationship

  • Foster placement breakdown: What can we learn from foster carers’ stories and how successful is Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care

  • Relationships and Wellbeing in Care Leavers

  • Aspiration formation in looked after children

  • Sibling Separation and Birth Family Reunion in Adoption

  • The Experience of Adopting a Disabled Child

Current Clin Psy D supervisions 

  • The role of teachers in the preparation and development of the aspirations of young people

  • How do school staff understand systemic factors in adolescent self-harm: what are their experiences with parents?

  • Exploring Teenage Mothers’ Experiences of Resilience and Motherhood

  • Experiences of decision making in young women who have ended a pregnancy: an ecological perspective

  • Supporting young people in school when parents have experienced brain injury

Teaching awards and accolades

  • Master's equivalent training in the Netherlands included a teaching qualification to teach psychology at University level

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • Doctoraal examen, Leiden, Netherlands (MSc equivalent) with Teaching Qualification

  • PhD Oxford Brookes University

  • Statement of Equivalence in Clinical Psychology (British Psychological Society)

External roles

  • External Examiner at Teesside University (2011)

  • External Examiner at Staffordshire University (ongoing).