andrew abbott

Professor Andrew Abbott

Professor in Economics

Faculty of Business, Law and Politics

01482 466416

Andrew joined the University in 2009 from the University of Bath and has more than 25 years' experience in higher education.

He has held a number of academic management positions at Hull University Business School, including Graduate Research Director, Head of Economics Subject Group and Associate Dean: International and Engagement.

During Andrew's tenure in the latter role, he established numerous academic partnerships, including a new Executive MBA programme, offered with Babeş­Bolyai University in Romania.

In 2016, he was seconded to form the University's Academic Partnership Office. Andrew has extensive research publications with a recent focus on public finance and environmental economics.


Research Interests

  • Public finance
  • Environmental economics
  • International student mobility


Abbott A J, Cabral R, Jones P, 'Intergovernmental Transfers in Mexico: Political Parties and Political Ambitions', Southern Economic Journal, vol 84, pp 484-503 (2017)

Abbott A J, O’Shea L, Nandeibam S, 'The Displacement Effect of Convenience: the Case of Recycling', Ecological Economics, vol 36, pp 159-168 (2017)

Abbott A J, Silles M, 'Determinants of International Student Migration', World Economy, vol 39, no 5, pp 621-635 (2016)

Abbott A J, Cabral R, Jones P, 'Political Pressure and Procyclical Expenditure: an Analysis of the Expenditures of State Governments in Mexico', European Journal of Political Economy, vol 37, pp 195-206 (2015)

Abbott A J, O’ Shea L, Nandeibam S, ‘Recycling: Social Norms and Warm-Glow-Revisited’, Ecological Economics, vol 90, no 6, pp 10-18 (2013)


Research PhDs

Prof Abbott welcomes applications in the areas of applied macroeconomics and international finance, public economics and international trade.

Teaching awards and accolades

  • HEA Fellowship
  • Cert Ed (HE)

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD (Durham)
  • Certificate in Education, Higher Education (Sunderland)
  • MSc (York)
  • BA Hons (Sunderland)