Anastasia _Gouseti

Dr Anastasia Gouseti

Lecturer in Digital Education

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education

01482 466311

Anastasia is a lecturer in digital education.

Her main areas of interest are the use of digital media in educational settings and the role of new technologies in promoting teaching, learning and collaboration. Before joining the University of Hull, Anastasia worked as a researcher at the UCL Institute of Education. She has carried out funded research and is widely published in the field of educational technologies.


Research Interests

  • The use of digital technologies for formal and informal learning and online collaboration

  • The place of digital media in everyday life


Gouseti A, Digital Technologies for School Collaboration, Palgrave Macmillan (2014)

Gouseti A, (2017) ‘Exploring Doctoral Students’ Use of Digital Technologies: What Do They Use Them for and Why?’, Educational Review, 69, 5, pp. 638-654 (2017)

Gouseti A, ‘An Overview of Web-Based School Collaboration: a History of Success or Failure?’, Cambridge Journal of Education, 43, 3, pp 377-390 (2013)

Gouseti A, ‘Old Wine in Even Newer Bottles: the Uneasy Relationship between Web 2.0 Technologies and European School Collaboration’, European Journal of Education: Research, Development and Policy, 48, 4, pp 570-585 (2013)

Gouseti A, ‘Web 2.0 and Education: Not Just Another Case of Hype, Hope and Disappointment?’, Learning, Media and Technology, 35, 3, pp 351-356 (2010)

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list


  • Digital Technologies for Learning

  • Decoding the Digital Society


  • Digital Technologies and Education: Key issues and Challenges.

  • Masters Dissertation

Dr Gouseti also teaches on the EdD programme.

Research PhDs

Dr Gouseti welcomes PhD applications in the field of educational technologies.

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Educational Technologies, University College London (2012)

  • Postgraduate Certificate in E-Learning, University of Edinburgh (2008)

  • MA Translation Studies, University of Warwick (2001)

  • BA English Language and Literature, University of Athens (2000)

Awards and accolades

Research grants

  • AHRC follow-on funding for impact and engagement: REVISIT Learning – Research Engagement through Virtual Immersive Tools for Learning, with Dr Stuart Jeffrey, CI Daisy Abbott, Glasgow School of Art, and Dr Kevin Burden, University of Hull (£75,197)

  • Balance Network (EPSRC) Digital Scholars In a Mobile World: exploring work-life balance in academic lifeworlds, with Dr Josef Ploner (£1,909)

  • ISP scheme, LEAP, University of Hull, 'The impact of digital technologies on doctoral students’ digital scholarship practices’ (£500)

  • Roberts Funding, Graduate School, University of Hull, 'Operationalising Postgraduate Research: Real Journeys, Real Voices’ symposium (£2,000)

  • National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, UCL Institute of Education, ‘Assessing the Impact and Sustainability of Networks Stimulated and Supported by the NCETM’, with Selwyn N, Noss R and Potter J (£68,000)